Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ninety Nine Per Cent

as much as i do not want to be on top
i do not want to be perfect...


when you are perfect
you cannot make a mistake.
you will be a laughing
object if you did something wrong.
and if you did not make
whatever you are doing excellent
people will be disappointed
because they expect
too much from you.

when you are perfect
seems like
you cannot be sick
because they expect
you knew what to do
to avoid being sick.

when you are perfect
noone will care to ask
if how are you
since they expect
you to be fine
And since they assume you are fine
they will not care
to keep you company
until you feel better.

i do not want to be perfect.

i want family and friends
and people that knew me
to think of me
as someone
who is trying to be
ninety nine per cent...

* * * * * * * *

guess what?
JJ is in a bad mood.
but I will be ok...
i just need a six pack
of my favorite San Miguel, hahaha...
and hours of chat with
my favorite JC...


  1. sorry you are in a bad mood...i think we all need permission not to feel like we need to be perfect one is...

  2. *pat on the back... hope everythings goin ryt... smile! wag na ma bad trip...

  3. 99% - this poem really works - craftsmanship JJ!

  4. I'm in a bad mood, too. I like the poem.


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