Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome To Our Home

To start is difficult
We searched  and searched
but we cannot find
what we like and
what suits our need.
until one afternoon
with your loving mother's help
we have this place...

Hesitant and
a little scared
I know we both are
but with family's
and friends'
love, understanding and support
we proceeded
as we have planned.

And in behalf of JC
I want to welcome you to 
"Our Home!.."
more pictures at My Amateur Shot [link] Welcome To Our Home


  1. woo hoo Jj and happy for you both
    It is not good for humans to be alone...and you have found each other....blessings to you both
    Your home is wonderful....can't wait to see pictures as you go about making it really you...a comfy place of sanctuary and love
    love the wood floors

  2. jj great pics of your place...seems really warm and i love the floors....

  3. Wonderful ParengJJ! A home to look after all for yourself, how nice!


  4. Dear JJ and JC: Lovely place! Who did the interior design? Very haute couture~! Enjoy always my friends!

  5. @ Sis Suz, thank you very much. A little more touch and it will be. Paintings or picture frames... i already have ideas, i just need to execute them... thank you again!

    @ Brian Miller, thank you! as simple as possible is what we are thinking to make it cozy and warm...

    @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, thank you!

    @ chiccoreal, I did the design. I am actually thinking of painting one wall red. but will not do until all the frames and the entertainment set/furniture is not yet here. the color might not match it. aside from the mattress, i picked everything. although the couch, the chair with ottoman and the dining table are from JC's niece. Thank you for liking it.

  6. and the wood floor, we are lucky that they have it renovated before we move in... nice ei! and very easy to manage. lovin't it myself. as my ancestral home back in the Philippines if made of the best wood we have in the Philippines - Ipil and Narra...

  7. Awesome job, JJ and a wonderful surprise after work!
    I think I'll keep you around for a long time. ;-)

  8. Wow, I love these pictures! the floors and furniture is magnificent :)

  9. warrrrrrrmmmmmmm!!!! what else could your home be?!!!!!! steven

  10. Wow, that is pretty. Very nice. : )


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