Saturday, December 31, 2011

saying goodbye to 2011! AND WELCOMING 2012!..

this last day of 2011, I wanna reflect on things that made me stronger, happier and contented with my life...

January, nothing very significant that happened.

February, which is suppose to be the month of heart, made me very sad. This was the start of my disappointment on my recent past relationship. I am a person that values special occasions that are related to relationships; may it sound corny to others, but I always look forward to wonderful experiences; funny things, so when you are old, you have good memories to reminisce and laugh about.

March, My friend, Lily arrived in Canada. One of my friends in Taiwan that I promised help. That is one blessing that I want to thank the Lord of, another promise kept and made.

April, nothing much!

May, nothing much!

June, although I am happy with my sister helping me out to put my party together for my 41st birthday. I was never completely happy, because, the person that I am expecting to surprise me, never showed up and not even all or send a message. Baduy! or corny to others but that really made me terribly sad. And the worst part is, I cannot show it to my relatives who are present during the celebration because I have made a good story and impression of him. That is the greatest disappointment.

July, the approval of my US Visa! Thank you God! another answered prayer. 10 years multiple entry. What more can I ask for...

August, my first cross the US border experience. Walking across the Rainbow Bridge to Niagara Falls, NY. And my first 4 days in the US - The Up State NY, USA. This is also the time that I have been asking if where am I to spend Xmas and New Year after the failures to be with the person I want to be with in special occasions and never had a definite answer. I understand anyway. and This month also brought the end to my relationship.

September, the struggle continues, I know a lot of my blog friends would remember this. Because I used my blog to release all of  my frustrations, sorrow and tears.

October. especially the 29th made me whole again. Met and found a person who have made me feel that I am not a trash like I thought I am. He had made me believe in myself again. I am very thankful of that day. and I wanna thank you, JC and to tell you, that I love you so much!

November, my first visit to Tillsonburg. My meeting with JC's parents. a wonderful experience. Very warm and wonderful people. I can remember, 11-11-11, we woke up with snow. JC's mom, open the door to their backyard to show me, how beautiful it was with the thin layer of snow. I found my family away from home... And then, November 26, JC, drove with me all the way from Tillsonburg to Ajax, to meet my family. and he was, with open arms, welcomed to my family. That completed us.

December, finally, I have visited the Big Apple. JC and me went to NY upon the invitation of my cousin Albert and Friend, Ben Rojo. Watched my long time favorite, Manhattan Transfer at the Blue Note Jazz Bar. Seen the sights and sounds of New York. Then, Xmas with JC's family - the most wonderful Xmas I ever had away from home. Then, the Silver wedding anniversary of my cousin's, Regina and Roberto last thursday. Once again, JC was welcomed, now with my extended family all over Northern America. That wedding that had once again put me back to what I love doing. Hosting a party and dancing. It gave me the chance to show people here, after 6 years, that this is what I love. JC even joked saying that, I love the microphone, the spot light and the cameras. With no hesitation, I just answered "yes!"

and tonight, I am meeting JC again, we will have our new year together. Just the two of us...

Fellow bloggers and readers, I just wanna end this post by quoting the two things that was mentioned by Kuya Boy and Ate Reggie for their 25th wedding anniversary. One, it is not how many times they fall but it is how they get hold of each other and stand up again and go on with life. and secondly, that, it is the imperfection that is making their relationship wonderful. Imperfection, gives them the room to develop, strive to be better and and space to grow.



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Me and JC, in the traditional Filipino Attire
The Barong Tagalog 

 the Junio Family
Oliver (2nd), Jesu Mari (3rd), Regina and Robert, and Robert Jr.


  1. Dear JJ: Blessings to you, JC, family and friends! What absolutely wonderful, stunning pictures in your lovely native dress; you both know how to wear it well; very natty. What a gorgeous family. Yes, it is a time of reflection, looking back over the year, and then moving on and projecting positive love-filled thoughts to all those near and dear to our hearts and those far away but still held so close as well. ~~love joy bliss alway~~ your forever friend Chiccoreal

  2. nice all the pictures...i wish you all the best in the new year jj


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