Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011

At this time, JC and I are at Timothy's at Church Street and Alexander. He, having a coffee and I am having a tea! Yes! I am having a tea for a change. Anyways, I already had 4 glasses of white wine and a glass of red! Oh no! 2 glasses of red because JC just noticed I am already drinking his wine. Hahaha...

We have 3 hours of break from the first part of the anniversary celebration of my cousins, Reggie and Boy. They have given me three hours of my old life, being in front of a crowd with a microphone, flashes of cameras and applause... For three hours, I am home...

With good comments and Appreciation of my hosting. I guess I am back in business. Got people asking for my contact info and the guy who did the video and camera documentation, even gave me his calling card...

Anyways, just found out that three couples in my family are celebrating their anniversary today, including Ate reggie and kuya boy's sister, Ate Leah! And to realize, it is our second month today. Me and JC are celebrating our second monthsarry today... Hehehehe...

Okay! In 2 hours, we need to head on to the second part of the celebration. The close family party at their residence. And funny, my sister and my cousins, made me promise that JC will be there. It made me very happy. That assured me that he is officially accepted in my family. Yahoo! Loving it....

Hope you too my blog friends are having fun....


  1. ParengJJ,
    You're truly in great company. You're very much at home,too. You have your kinsfolk around you.That makes a lot of difference. And their ready acceptance of JC completes the picture.You have a lot going into 2012. Happy New Year to you ParengJJ and every best wishes to you and JC!


  2. Dear Pareng JJ: (what does Pareng mean?)DEFINITELY Sounds like a good time, lots of food, good times with family and friends! Wishing you the best in 2012 and always! ~~love joy bliss~~

  3. @ Suz, thanks sis!

    @ Pareng Hank, thank you very much.

    @ chiccoreal, Pare (pronounced Pa - Re) and Mare (Ma-Re) means godfather and godmother. but if you are to put the names after, just for phonetics "ng" is added. Thank you very very much! wishes for you for 2012 too!


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