Saturday, December 17, 2011


one morning they saw me
carefully folding a piece of cloth
with the pair of scissors
needle and threads...

and then they asked me
"what are you doing?'
i just simply replied
"i am making my rag beautiful!"

hmmm, for some
maybe you are just a rag
a piece of cloth
a cleaning material
but for me
you are my everyday bestfriend.

you are making my job
and work easy
giving me company of at least
8 hours a day
to at most 12 hours
or 'til they ask me to stop.

a witness to all my laughters,
crying time,
sad and happy times.
also falling in love
and heart breaks.

and for those hours
you never ever complained,
how many times
i wash and squeeze you
until we are both done
for our day of work.

if a writer have
a good typewriter or computer;
if a businessman have
an expensive pen to sign contracts and cheques
if a carpenter have
a good hammer and saw;
for me,
a beautiful rag is the best.

a thing that help me
put money in my pocket
food on the table
that at the end of the day
put a smile on my face.

this i promise you
that at the end of the day
i will keep you
washed and dry.
so a good rest for you at night
as i do to myself.
so we will be both
ready for the next day
of work and labor...

ps. this was inspired after my lady boss saw me
sitting on a couch near the Christmas tree
yesterday. She was smiling when she saw me
doing my rag from an old shirt that I cut and
use as a rag for cleaning...

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  1. This just shows that class is not dependent on income. You, my friend, are a class act through and through. I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that a dream or two comes true for you.

  2. A wonderful post ... I wish there were more like you :o)

  3. Jj you are truly a poet
    this was like reading Neruda
    speaking of socks
    It is in the ordinary object
    where we find magic,wonder,grace
    where we find that something that transcends us
    well well done
    I so liked the image of you stitching
    honoring your piece of beautiful
    May I keep this one for my journal?

  4. @ Michael Offutt, thank you very much for such a wonderful comment. made me smile and proud.

    @ Deborah, thank you very much! I am just trying to be the best I can be. you made me proud.

    @ Sis Suz, coming from you, it is a compliment. made me proud of myself. yes sis, you can keep it. my pleasure!

  5. ParengJJ,
    Old rags are new tools in your hands. Got to hand it to you. Satisfaction is not determined by things expensive. This is an education. To treasure and recycle and still gets the job done!


  6. JJ is very much a class act. A treasure I am glad to be able to look upon and behold.

  7. A rag might not be as appealing or as important to others, but I adore you for seeing the light of utility from it. Great entry! I wish more people will see things from your perspective!

    Merry Christmas friend!

  8. @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, thank you for that follow up.

    @ JC, i am lucky to have found you. And thank you for giving a meaning to the life of this rag who came all the way from other side of the globe. You will be treasured!

    @ RoNRoNTuRoN, thank you my friend for the appreciation. You too, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year my friend!

  9. ParengJJ,
    Just in case you missed my response to yours I've re-posted it here:

    Slamat JJ. But I've also heard of 'balooo...t.' Something like over developed egg and underdeveloped chicks? Interesting!



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