Monday, December 26, 2011

My Biggest Smile

this poem is dedicated to the Calcutt Family
whom I spent my Christmas 2011.

The last weekend
were the most fun
of my days
since I was away 
from my family.

I can truly say
that I have experienced
the most wonderful Christmas.

The hugs and kisses
The warmest welcome I ever had
and the gifts from Santa
made my smile
wider that I usually do.

Thank you...
My found treasure
My found bucket of happiness
My found pot of luck
and most of all
My family away from home.

posted for Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 96
courtesy of Tess Kincaid 

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *

i just got home an hour ago.
JC though how sad he is needs to drove me home.
i am now back to work.
but we were looking forward of
being together again on the 28th at 1pm.
we will be attending the 
25th Wedding Anniversary of my cousin 
Ate Reggie and Kuya Boy
in Scarborough.
I am excited to see JC 
in our traditional wear,
the Barong Tagalog [link]. 
I am hosting the event
and I am very happy that he said
"yes" for escorting me to the event
as he is excited to meet more of my relatives...

hope you had a wonderful Christmas too...

and the malls are crazy as we pass by
for the boxing day...

continue enjoying the holidays...

love you all!...


  1. I'm so glad you had such a memorable Christmas. Hope your new year is just the same!

  2. How wonderful. Such a thoughtful post. Happy New Year!

  3. wish you all the best in 2012 my friend! take care...

  4. Glad to hear you had a fantastic Christmas! May you have a wonderful 2012!

  5. Hurray for heartwarming Christmas !

  6. woo hoo glad you had such a good christmas! all the best in the coming year!

  7. beautiful expressions of appreciation!

    happy (early) new year!

  8. oh so happy for you Jj
    and Ill bet you like quite handsome in that please
    nice magpie about happiness and joy

  9. finding a bucket of happiness sounds like

  10. ParengJJ,
    What a wonderful Christmas it was! Happiness all round. You're in good hands ParengJJ!


  11. This truly was a wonderful Christmas!
    Welcome to my clan, mahal ko!

  12. Dear JJ: Dreams do come true! Have a wonderfully Happy Safe and Wonderful New Year 2012 and that goes for everyone! WooHoo!!!

  13. Wow- very well written J. Thanks for the sweet comments you have on my blog.


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