Monday, December 5, 2011

New York and New Jersey, USA

oh finally!

at last!


after so much things that had happened in the past, work and personal life related matters. I have it done. With the help of some people, their encouragement and push, I am now set to do my visit to New York City.

I am all excited after my cousin, Albert Balmonte in New York told me that he can join me for at least a day, saturday, as he is busy working and running a new family, with a new baby. and My old friend and former co-worker back home in the Philippines, Benjie Rojo told me, he have squeezed his already tight schedule to meet me on this visit; I am all set to my journey to New York! Benjie is now settled in New Jersey.

Albert even promised to meet me at the bus station and take us to their home, where we will be spending our first night. Yes, it is a WE. JC have it worked out. Albert and his equally accommodating wife, Diana were excited and happy to tell us, that she will be preparing for a welcome dinner at their place.

So after making the bookings... we are all set to leave Toronto on Friday at 8am and we will be arriving in New York at 6pm. btw, My lady boss even offered me a round trip airplane ticket, but aside from I don't wanna abuse their generosity, after paying my two root canals a month ago; i wanna see every city or town before NY. Anyways, with JC on that land trip will surely be exciting. Especially looking at the weather forecast, it seems promising. Hope my iPhone 4 weather forecast is good and at least 95% accurate.

So on our itinerary were the following:

1. The Statue of Liberty
2. Bryant Park
3. Times Square
4. The Empire State Building
5. The Wall Street
6. The Brooklyn Bridge
7. St. Patrick's Cathedral
8. and of course, The Chinatown...

any blogger, who wants to meet up for coffee? just message me... that would be exciting...

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  1. ParengJJ,
    The Broadway theaters at Times Sq is a must. A look-see at Harlem through a bus tour is revealing. A contrast of haves and have-nots barely separated by just a few streets. A boat cruise to see Liberty at close range is awesome. Enjoy yourself Pareng!


  2. @ Pareng Hank, I'll make sure that it will be part of the itinerary... but if not, i guess there's a good reason to come back... a Valentines Date for us... LOL! thank you!

  3. I'm so excited to be heading to the Big Apple with the one I love. Looking forward to another first with you, JJ!

  4. OH my goodness....I am so happy for you...have a great time....and it occured to me that the poverty in harlem might seem prosperous compared to some places in the Philipines...right?
    anyway....enjoy Broadway
    I only wish I could meet you...but I am in chicago...another beautiful city...but have and JC

  5. @ sis Suz, thank you. you are right about it. I will make sure to have fun, esp with my greatest found buddy, JC. so Chicago will be my next destination then... hehehe... I have relatives and friends there anyways... hahaha...

  6. Oh JJ! I am sooooooo happy for you! I'll be waiting to see pictures of your trip :)

    Have a FUN and SAFE trip filled with laughter and love.

    Much Peace~ Your Pinay Sister :)

  7. What an adventure! Have fun and be safe!

  8. @ Michelle My Bell, thank you very much! I will be posting it all ASAP... we will be safe my pinay sis. and fun, laughter and love will surely be filling this trip as I am with JC...

    @ Vicki Lane, Thank you very much ma'am!..

  9. i am so happy and excited for you my friend...God bless your trip!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful time there. It is, however, crazier than you could imagine. Just a heads up. Come to Washington while you are at it. You might like it better ;-).

  11. Good choice! The bus trip lets you see the country instead of the inside of a plane! You had me worried for a bit; I foolishly presumed you were travelling with that other JC, but He would not need a ticket or a bed!


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