Friday, December 9, 2011

on the road

I'm doing this post while aboard the Megabus. On my side is my very good travel buddy, JC. While i am taking pictures using my iPad, he is bugging me. Especially when we pass that area that i once visited. As i have expected this is a wonderful trip having him with me.

We are now 15 miles away from Syracuse and the bus driver announced that we will have a 20 minutes break. My bum is killing me already. Duh! And i need to pee.....

But nevertheless, i am enjoying this because of him...

And my iPhone 4 weather forecast is right. No sun but no rain and snow too. So it's awesome!


  1. Quite a lot of interesting areas on the's 4:30pm new york time. And we are 190 miles to NYC at 65m/hr... Albany is the next town...

  2. ParengJJ,
    A running commentary more or less. Keep it going! I'm following!


  3. Have a safe trip soooo happy for you....

  4. final night in NYC.. what a wonderful weekend!.. just finished our Blue Note Jazz Bar "Manhattan Transfer Show!" now having a beer at a bar in Chelsea District!..

  5. Nice response to the Magpie prompt, JJ, and I know what you mean about the bus!
    Traveling is wonderful, it's the getting-there that's so difficult. I'm just back from visiting friends and family on the west coast. I didn't always have internet access, so it's nice to be back to my big computer, to participate and comment.
    Hope you are finding happiness.


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