Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home In Burlington

After leaving for New York City last friday, December 9, 2011; I am finally home in Burlington.

We actually went home last Sunday, 11 dec 2011, but we went home to Tillsonburg. And I stayed there for a couple of days and JC drove me back home just an hour ago, it's 8:14pm now.

There are a lot of things to say but I still need to relax my mind and settle down. Great experience! Now I have to mark down New York City on my list of accomplishment. You know when you are from a country where applying for a US Visa is hard, getting it and being there is quite something. I just hope that I can also have my family experience things that I have experienced.

So back to work, back to regular blogging.

 taken on the bus, on the way to New York City
taken outside the 
Blue Note Jazz Bar
after the 
Manhattan Transfer Show
 at Bryant Park

 Times Square

 On the boat to Staten Island
 JC with my cousin Albert and wife Diana...
 On the way to the 86th Floor of
Empire State Building

Rockefeller Center

more pics will be posted on
My Amateur Shots [link]


  1. ParengJJ,
    Great shots you have here! You enjoyed yourself definitely by the way things are moving along!


  2. It looks like you had a great time Jj
    so happy for you
    I will pray for only more good things in your life
    now settle down and enjoy the memories
    I had to laugh that Stafford thought you were saying you were traveling with the realJC...ha ha

  3. i just realize that all of my pictures are at JC's camera. and I have his in mine. hahaha... we both brought our own cameras to take each others pictures. the only pictures that we are together are those that are taken with my iphone and ipad. but nevertheless, yes Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, we had fun. we were not able to do all our itinerary but now we have a reason to go back. hehehe... thanks Pareng Hank!

  4. @ Sis Suz, yeah! that made me laugh too. I just realized it when he commented that. good laugh anyway. we really have a good time. thank you very much! I will cherish the moment...

  5. What a wonderful time with a very wonderful guy!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time, New York is a wonderful place to visit!! (I'm always glad to be home though.)

  7. If I could afford it, I would live in New York or San Francisco. I'm not sure which one, but it doesn't matter because they're way too expensive.



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