Thursday, December 15, 2011

Places To Visit & See and Places to Live...

Now that I have seen New York, maybe not all of it but most of it; I can definitely say that I will have NYC as one of those places that I will put on my - Places to see and visit list.

Even back home in the Philippines, not because of the negative thoughts about security, I really have considered some places part of my visit list. And even, when friends local (meaning Filipinos) and international (obviously the ones who are not from the country, including those with Filipino decent but not born or raised back home) to go to the provinces and not settle in the big cities, like that of Manila and it's surrounding; that way they have the feel of what the culture is all about. and the "homey" feel of the country.

If you really wanna feel how Filipinos live, how they can have fun despite hardships and trials, go to the areas like my province, Palawan [link]... just a sample of what you can see there... and recently our Underground River is voted one of the finalists for the new seven wonders of nature, hopefully, it will make it to the top 7. That will help boast our tourism industry for sure.

Just like when I arrived here in Canada, I have stayed in my sister's place in Ajax, and I love it. until the time that I am getting acquainted to the area and I feel like there are some things that is missing in the area. But that area could be a good place to reside tho.

Then, I have seen Mississauga, sorry, but I don't find myself living there.

And of course, Toronto. A place for me to come and meet friends and have fun. shopping not at all. I have seen the things that are being sold in downtown Toronto are also sold in other places in much much  cheaper price. and being in there, 2-3 days is just enough. and that is what I feel about being in NYC. I feel like there are so much things going on. It's like every part of the city is not connected with each other. Sorry, that's what I feel about it. Although, there is one thing, that I wanna comment on.

When friends learned that we will be staying one night in Harlem, even my cousin said "aw!" but you know what. It is on that part of the city that, we have experienced friendliness. A guy who lives in Harlem helped us out in the Subway. he approached us and showed us where to go and what train to take. And then, the lady even walked us to the street and show us where is the place we will stay. And the receptionist and the guard and the whole place, we stayed; I am impressed.

Then of course Tillsonburg, i just love the simplicity of the place. The two parts of it. and knowing that for a small place, it's a bit busy, meaning business if you are into what the place is offering. But, with the kind of plan that I have, it seems like I cannot make it there. But I love it. and I owe Tillsonburg a lot, i found my great buddy from there, JC.

Then, I have the luck to see, live and work here in burlington, and I love it. This is somewhat what I have in mind of a "place to live."

A place to live for me is somewhat like a country but you have a feeling that whatever you need downtown is just at most 30 minutes drive.

So, that's it...

Next places to visit... These are the places that I wanted to see in the US...
> Washington, DC
> Hawaii
> Las Vegas
> San Francisco
and of course
> Chicago... Sister Suz! up for coffee... LOL!

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  1. ParengJJ,
    Looks like you have your plate full. Enjoy it when you can!


  2. Dear JJ: So you are still in the "New York state of mind". I must have been thinking of you because I dreamt about NY and the Donald last night! Glad you had a wonderful time and are back home safe and sound! Please tell us more! I remember my trip to NY way back in the early 80's; trip being the operative word! It was a fun art trip!

  3. sister suz says......can't wait...
    I will have to look up your home town...not sure where my daughter in laws people are many islands....but I just filipino people..even if they are always late :-)

  4. Ah, if only... but sharing with you, I can. Thanks.

  5. nice...when you hit DC let me know....only a few hours from there myself and love visiting...NYC all the more so though...

  6. @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, thanks my friend. i'll take it slow and easy though. it's just good that I have things to look forward too.

    @ Jane Jones, i will post more of my NYC visit in the coming days. Thank you!

    @ Sis Suz, i will make sure to come and visit you. and thank you personally for all the encouragement.

    @ Dave King, thank you sir and happy holidays!

    @ Brian Miller, that sounds good. I will surely message you. it will be awesome meeting people who i just know here in the blogworld... thank you very much sir!


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