Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kulay at Pintura

(Colors & Paints)

Life is like
      colors and paints.

Sometimes bright
      Often times,
      just plain black and white...

Sometimes double coated
      It may even be thick
      and other times light...

JJ Roa Rodriguez
Magpie Tales #78
Picture courtesy of Tess Kincaid


  1. That is true! Life's like that. It comes in many forms.Your poem rightly says so. Great!

  2. Very nice. Meaningful with just few words. Enjoyed it.

  3. Indeed, so true to account for many situations in life... i enjoyed the simplicity of your words in here.. thanks for the poem!(:


  4. it is and we often make choices that determine with which we paint...i try to choose bright...smiles.

  5. @ the green breaker, salamat po!

    @ Henry Clemmons, thank you for the appreciation!

    @ Mama Zen, thank you!

    @ WINDOWLAD; Kelvin, youre welcome. Wish life would bring back the pastel shades on me soon...

    @ Brian Miller, thank you for your comment.

  6. You possess a wealth of wisdom ...

  7. @ Helen, that is one of the best compliments I have in my entrie life. Thank you for making me feel proud of myself. I needed that.

    @ Berowne, your appreciation is highly appreciated!..

  8. So much truth and expressed with great simplicity!!

  9. Dear JJ Roa Rodriguez: Life is so like paint! Very indepth how shall I paint life?

    "thick and light" sounds almost edible too! :)

  10. Terrific take on the prompt. Love it. : )

  11. Fantastic! I love title of your blog... Relatives by Appointment - Friends Welcome. That is too funny.

  12. Aaaaaah! Sweet and succinct! I love it.

  13. @ Nanka, thank you maam for the appreciation and the visit.

    @ chiccorel, hope we could paint our lives together in pastel colors. i needed it. bless u my friend!

    @ thingy, thank you for loving it.

    @ Kristen Haskell, thank you. you have made my day happy having another follower. you suddenly put a pastel color on my life today... thanks for the visit. That picture header was taken at my boss' son-in-laws' cottage. that's why I took it, made me laugh always thinking about it.

    @ Lena, just like kristen, you add pastel colors in my life today by being a follower. thank you for the visit. and for loving my post today.

  14. Beautiful piece... love the simple yet profound wording.

  15. So true! We need to remember this wisdom and not try to make things what they are not.

  16. And it almost never turns out as planned. :)

  17. @ Reflections, thank you for the appreciation.

    @ Lolamouse, you are right with that. thank you!

    @ Thumblewords, indeed that line should be a part of that poem. Love it! Thank you!

    @ Sean, thank you!..

  18. @ HyperCRYPTICAL, thank you very much for the appreciation...

  19. Hmm...this is so true...Life is all that..blend of colors
    Very well said:)

  20. @ Erratic Thoughts, thank you for the appreciation and visit...

  21. @ Trelissisimo, thank you for the appreciation!


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