Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's The Use Of...

After what happened last night I just thought of what's the use of keeping hatred and anger inside me.

Everyday, Monday to Friday whenever I am with my boss, he would love to sit with at the family room and we will watch the news before watching "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy". With the first one, yeah! Modesty aside I am good at it that why my boss loves to join me. With the second one, probably ten out of the soooo many questions is what I can get. LOL!

Anyways, let's go back go the news. There is an advisory that The Weather Bureau of Ontario is suspecting a Tornado. OMG! I am not used to this, I am only used to hear that there is a typhoon warning - 1, 2, 3 and 4! Very true that when I was walking with Leonardo from downtown to home, we can really feel that the winds quite different. But I just don't mind it. It's so warm anyway. A little wind or air in any form will be good. Btw, Leonardo is our golden retriever at home. Not a new catch! LOL!

So when my boss is giving me instructions on things to prepare, I just stare at him listening carefully. Although, honestly I am not taking it seriously because all I can see are the trees being blown away and the whooos sound of the wind. Until we finally ended the Jeopardy show. He went upstairs to his bed and watch the news there. Monitoring what is happening. While I am doing my clean up downstairs. Btw, I don't use dishwashers, I love doing it manually.

When I am finally over with my tasks and bring him his nighttime meds, he was already telling me that he heard that everyone is being advised to take cover. He told me, "we are not going to the basement, we will stay here. We just need to pray that it will not pass this way. And if it did the Lord will protect us. He is very religious. Aside from he has problems going down and climbing stairs, that is why he had his ride on the stairs. But he is very much able. So I said to myself this is serious.

Just as I am done giving him his meds and went down. Thunders and lightning started. The wind blows heavier this time. And it scared me. Now I said "this is serious!"

So I made sure that what he told me is prepared. First on the list are the following: matches or lighters, candles and flashlights. Just as I went up. The lights went off. And the situation is becoming worse.

At this time, having my boss upstairs I cannot just take cover at e basement and tie myself on the post. I need to stay with him. And although I am scared, I stayed calm and make him believe that if truly we will be hit, I am there for him. Making him feel secure and good.

So off he went to bed and me in my room.

At that instant, I grab my phone and send messages to all my love ones. Telling them that where I am is where the weather bureau is telling that the tornado is suspected to pass by. And that I love them and pray. Not only for me but for everyone.

What's the use of keeping hatred and anger at this point in time or any point in life by the way. Recently I have been on the rocks with the person that I love the most. I know we both have sides of the story. We both have our own self to protect, may it be personal, physical or emotional.

So I grab my phone, and send him a message telling him what is happening and that I am scared and if there is bad coming my way, that he must always remember I LOVE HIM! And that is true not just because of the danger of the Tornado. And wished that he hopefully not experiencing the same.

I put down my cellphone and I started praying for everyone including him.

Ones again, I realized that keeping hatred and pain inside us is not a good thing. We put ourselves in a very uncompromising situation. We cannot go on, why? because we are still holding on to something negative. As I have mentioned above, in a relationship, when two parties have misunderstandings, fights or doubts. both have their own story and defense to protect themselves. That's human nature. And If both or one of the parties will not set aside their/his EGO and PRIDE and be humble to accept that one way or another he/she have contributed to the misunderstanding then there will be no peace and reconciliation.

Anyway, I thank the Lord that nothing happened to me and my boss. Call for your guardian angel on times like this as I did... They are not only for kids, they service young and old. Believe me on that!

And hopefully no so much damage. And no so much harm...

I woke up very lighthearted knowing that I freed myself from all negativity.

I know you feel that I harmed you, wronged you or disappointed you; I feel the same and a lot more... Humbly I am asking for your compassion and forgiveness. but with me, you don't need to ask me for apology. You know why? I have given it to you the first time I told you I love you!..

I love you and love you all my friends...


  1. Pare JJ,
    You poured out your feelings in ways many may not even have thought of. I've been told before that once you do that you would feel so light and free emotionally. Everyone would turn out friendly and somehow your luck would be enhanced.

    You give out a little , but you get more in return. This means relationships become better and money comes in easily.Good for you!

    Btw how different is Pare to Pareng?


  2. this is a beautiful much truth and freedom found in releasing any negatives..and praying fervently for all...

  3. glad you are ok too...hurricane on its way here now...

  4. @ Pareng Hank, thank you once again for your good comment and visit.

    Pare and Pareng are just the same. But Pareng is used if you will follow it with the name of the person.

    @ Brian Miller, sir thank you for the visit and comment. Hope you will all be safe. My prayers for u and your family.

  5. what can i say? that was beautiful jay....ingat ka!

  6. @ Ed Garcellano, thank you my friend for the wonderful comment, for visiting.... you too, take care!


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