Monday, August 29, 2011

Something good happened... Part 2

At around 8pm. Dr. ole sent me a message if I could join them for dinner and of course I said yes... Hahaha... Free dinner again. With my very limited budget that's a good one. So we went to a restaurant at church street and it is there that we are going to spend the night anyway. Dinner was good.

Oh! It seems like things is not stopping. I got a call from the salsa bar that I signed up with starting September and they were asking if I can be there even just for a couple of hours. They have a guest that have no partner and they would greatly appreciate it if I can come. Guess why? The guess is Chinese and barely speaks English. Did I mentioned, I speak a little mandarin. Learned it by myself when I stayed in Taipei, Taiwan for nearly five years. So I told my new friends that I have a 2 hour job for the night. And if it's just alright with them. I will bring them to the bar that I usually go and meet them their again after 2 hours.

But instead, they insisted to see me dance. Called the dance club if they can come with me. And they approved it. S off we go to the dance club.

Modesty aside I think I have satisfactorily performed for my guest that night. Got a big tip I never thought. Plus the two hours dance fee. Earned something. I think I can really make money of this hobby. When I told my friends that we are to leave and that I am done. Michael the other guy told me they have fun watching me dance. I do it with passion. Of course that's my first love.don't let me hear music, whatever music; and you will see me either humming the tune, or shaking my head, hands and feet. Or shake my booty.... Hehehe... We wanted t stay more but of we will then we will not have time to talk because I'll be on the dance flor most of the time, that's what I thought so I insisted that we go back to church street.

As usual, the bar is full. But we were lucky that there's an empty table with three seats on. You know what, I really having a hard time appreciating pformers who are lip-synching. Back home in the Philippines if you are going to do it nobody will watch you. Sorry! I don't mean to be sarcastic but one thing these performers and bars should set a new level of performance by adding some live ones. Where we can hear true voices.

Anyways, we had Fun merely by having each others company. We went home around 3am after eating pizza in a restaurant nearby.

And today, I will take all the rest and sleep. Canhave before meeting Mr. Proper who will introduce me t the guy who works for the performing arts center. I hope he'll like me and book me immediately for my volunteer job there. I am looking forward for it. If this will happen, oh I am truly back to where I used to be. Back t the JJ I know 7 years ago.

Have fun my friends. I believe doing what you truly loves irregradless of the amount of money you will get (is that right?) for a hobby or extra income, is fun! And it is very rewarding.

Have a great week ahead! I can't wait to get back to work on Wednesday afternoon to update my boss of what happened to me since Saturday.


  1. what a weekend
    so glad you had fun dancing
    I think you are on a new journey Jj

  2. Pare JJ,
    It starts with small beginnings that will lead to big things. I'm glad things seems to be moving along what you had wanted. Give them your best! You would be rewarded. Good luck Pare!


  3. Sounds like you had a blast JJ. Jilda and I do work because we live doing it even though we don't earn much money.
    Sometimes the satisfaction of the work is enough compensation.

  4. @ Suz, after the heavy rain and cloudy weeks. I saw sunshine again but I will not deny the fact that the clouds and rain showers still visits me but I just thought of it as a reminder that it's not sunny always. And I have to be ready for some bad weathers.

    Yeah! I am back. Dancing is my therapy ever since I was young. And good exercise too. I used it to exhaust myself and give me a good sleep. And its still working for me til now. Love it.

    Thanks for the visit!

    @ Pareng Hank, I know that. One thing I like about myself is, I never dreamt to be big. That is why when a good soul rewards me of my endeavors even by just a mere thank you is a very wonderful feeling.

    Thank you for the visit!

    @ Sir Rick, I really did and I love it. Seems like I am reborn. And I am back on my feet again with my heart under my head. Thank you for the visit!


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