Thursday, August 11, 2011

As I Slowly Fade...


(boy rushing to the girl's home for a dinner)

PlaJo: Sorry I am late? Why are you meeting me here? Can I come in?

Milwy: Sshhh!... Keep your voice down. My whole family and friends are inside.

(PlaJo a little confuse as Milwy continues...)

Milwy: My family and friends adores you, loves you and respect you as much as I do. And I don't want them to hear any of the words that I am going to tell you. It is of great pain and so much sadness that I want to tell you, that lying is one thing that I cannot tolerate and exclusivity in a relationship is what I am expecting. That's more than love, that's love with respect..

PlaJo: How did you know?

Milwy: (sobbing, with voice almost not coming out her throat) Not important.

(PlaJo shocked and want to say something but with a crying voice, as she tries to keep her composure and dignity, Milwy continued to say)

Milwy: Now, you may come in. And tell them you have an emergency at home and that you need to be back immediately. And say your goodbye!

(Looking down, PlaJo was not able to say anything at all...)

Photo Courtesy of Miss Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales


  1. wow, she got the job done
    better not mess with her feelings

    and she makes him lie to her parents!

  2. At some odd moments in life we get trapped in a jam like this. It would have been easier to give an excuse and not even turning up. But for love's sake turning up late (for whatever reasons) would have been a hellish option and a gamble. More often than not the relationship ends there! Very good take!


  3. @ Morning, thank you for dropping by and for the nice comment..

  4. @ Suz, this story just came in while I'm walking back home from the grocery. I always admire people who have a way for graceful exit, great control of emotion. As I don't have it.

  5. @ kaykuala, thank you very much for your comment and for the appreciation.

  6. She deserves better. Good take on prompt.

    Yeah, I'm bad with exits, too. : )

  7. @ thingy, thanks! I believe so too. Everybody deserves the right one. Wish we all can just do it silent and graceful like that... Thanks for the appreciation!

  8. Cannot tolerate liars. Great write. Totally unexpected.


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