Saturday, August 6, 2011

3 Important Things Happening Today!..

What a day it will be for me today.

first and foremost, the book that My Fairy-Blog-Sister Suz, suggested last month on her comment on my post last July 19 on "Wish I Could Be" arrived on the mail today. As I scan the first pages of it, I must agree with her; I think this is a good book for someone like me. So I will be starting my reading on this. 

                    The Artist's Way
                    A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

                    by: JULIA CAMERON

                    A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self
                    Tenth Anniversary Edition

Second, it is my first day on my Classroom Instruction for my driving school. This is for 4 Saturdays of August. Hopefully I will not miss any of the schedule so I can start being on the steering wheel by next month. As Life 101 say on his comment on my post "The Driving Lessons" on July 27, "Driving is Freedom". That is true especially for the nature of the work I am doing. Honestly, I am not confident doing things like that when somebody is watching me but I am up for the challenge. Hopefully, I can do it. 

and Third, at last! the day has come for me to cross the border. I have been waiting for this my whole life. I dreamed of it and never stop until I got it. Thank you very much for all the people that had helped me along the way. As I have mentioned on my old post, I was lucky to be granted a US tourist visa. And today I am going to do my "Walk Along The Rainbow Bridge" from Niagara Falls, ON, CA to Niagara Falls, New York, USA. Isn't it Exciting?

Hoping for the best for tomorrow... 

God bless everyone and have a wonderful weekend...

BTW, I can sense something will make me sad today... no no no.. it's not related to the three mentioned above. haist! my intuition never failed me or maybe 99%. let's see if the 1% will happen to day or not...


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