Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Walk At The Bluffs..

(Day 14 - 4 more days before my Rainbow Bridge Walk)
me and my buddy - LEONARDO!...

see how birds can still be having fun even it's too HOT...
i guess male bird is hot or lady bird is looking HOT... LOL!
trying to get a sight...
getting intimate...


  1. I just by appointment...ha ha
    that is too funny
    If this where you live you live in a very nice area and I love the dog...whose the sexy walker?
    oh that's you hee hee
    counting down the days with you until your American adventure!

  2. @Suz, when I saw that sign on my boss' son-in-laws' house by the lake, I was laughing. Told my boss that it is the reason he is having a hard getting to it. Hahaha... Yes! This is the neighborhood, I live 3 days a week. Very beautiful place. Thanks!


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