Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Series Of Text Messages...

What a day it was yesterday. My interview with the guy from the performing arts center was great. I think I made a good one in there. It seems to be like just a friendly conversation. He is so warm and so accommodating. It lasted for about 2 hours because he gave me a tour of the place. I am actually used to theaters because I was part of it for a long time back home. But of course I just need to behave myself and casually give him impressions that I know what I am getting myself into. And I think he is satisfied wit my answers and my attitude.

We ended up with the talked about what work he intend to give me. he will assign me to be at the back to help out with whatever. And I am happy with it. At least I will have the chance to see how they prepare for every show they do and I can assess myself if I am still up for it or just be happy to be off stage.

So I left the place and have my new friend dropped me off at eaton center and he went back to work. At 6pm. I got a text message from this friend asking me if I have plans for dinner. I said none. He told me if I can join them for dinner. I said it's too much already. Besides with all the help he gave me I am suppose to be the one treating him for dinner and I cannot afford it. With the kind of person he is I'm sure he will not go with the regular fast-food or cheap diner I am used to grab my meals. But he insisted. And he told me that his friend, the one who Interviewed me wants to see me again. OMG! Why, I asked. He said, my friend have the best interview for years. I laughed and laughed hardly. He asked me why, I said what? That doesn't seem fair. If they want to treat me out, they don't need to flatter me. But he continued telling me this - my friend said you are even better than those who are applying for work. That made me laugh really. Because I am there seeking for a volunteer job just to keep myself busy. Anyways, with all of this good words, I said ok and yes, I'll join you for dinner.

The dinner was good. In a restaurant that I thought I am not properly dressed up. They even have to lend me a coat. the conversation over dinner went ok and we have two glasses of wine before they dropped me off to the place I am staying. They told me they love the simplicity i got. Simple dreams, simple steps and very positive outlook. Never heard something like that for years. In my mind, i said to myself, yeah i know, because all i can hear from people i have been meeting are complains about work, life, and so on and so forth.

Oh gosh! Just for these past three days I made 7 wonderful people. I guess my Pareng Hank (kaykuala) was right. When you have good thoughts you seems to attract more positive things.

At 11pm, got another text message from a friend that I have been avoiding for at least six months. I was so embarrassed to reply at first but when he told me on his last message that he needs someone to talk to and he remembers how I give him advises - painful but truthful; he just thought of seeing me. Oh my! Doesnt this friend knew that I, myself having problems for weeks and I am just pulling myself up again. LOL! By the way nobody knew about what I have been through because I did not tell anyone about it. Except the doctor and the counsellor I met las week and you... Yes you! You knew who you are... Need to see a doctor because when i am depress i can stand weeks with no food. And i know it is not right.

Anyway, sure I told him, where are you? And I'll see yo there. I was then just walking the famous church street of Toronto. He told me he is at home so off I go.

As soon as I arrived at his place, I knew something is wrong. This guy is just like me - clean and tidy freak. Seeing his apartment in a mess means something. I made the usual jokes just to perk him up but it never helped. He just started to cry and I cannot understand what he is telling me. I told him, ok you better cry first while i'll try my best to clean your place and when you are ready to talk better, we will start our counselling. WOW! What a line... That lasted 15minutes. Oh my! I thought it wont stop. But I can really feel how devastated and affected he was.

Then when he started talking, I was shocked and told him, " wait wait wait wait wait, STOP!" with my five fingers widely open in front of my face directly looking at him. he was shocked of my reaction. And asked me "why?". Told him are you sure you are the one talking and not me? He said, hell yeah! So I told him continue. And I just felt awfully sad to hear his stories. This is just like my story. He found out that his boyfriend is leaving with his supposedly housemate yet the truth is, there is something going on with them. Stop listening JJ is what I am telling myself, i dont want to refresh the things that i have been trying to let go for the last three weeks. But on and on he goes to tell me everything. And that the housemate of his bf has a regular bf who comes and stay at their house on weekends during the other guys days off. Why life can be so complicated? I laughed and he asked me why am I laughing. I don't know what to tell him.

Knowing that this guy is brilliant and smart, I ended up asking him, so what is your plan? He told me, he is confused. I ended up telling him, I dont agree with people making decisions when they are still angry, confused and full of hatred. Decisions will always be wrong no matter what. Get back, pull yourself up first then, when you feel better and ready to face the truth and make a wise decision, then do it. But I know it's gonna be hard for him. I know how it feels. I have been there and still am but need to face the truth and set priorities.

I stayed with him the whole night just to make him feel that he is not alone as how people in this situation always feel. I have been like that for 3 weeks.

I woke up as usual at 6am. And saw a message on my phone. It's from my lady boss. They knew I'm a morning person. She told me that late last night they have decided that because of my year of good service to them, they decided to give me something. But they want to discuss it with me further. If I can be back early for work this week, so we can have time to sit down and discuss it. I am curious about what it is and send her a reply, what is it? And told them that being treated like a family and having all these luxury that they are generously giving me is enough. No need for more.

She replied, oh no! This is something that will make everyone happy. If you will agree on this, it is not you we are making happy, it is us that you are making happy. Is that grammar right? Anyways, I knew you understand. Hehehe... So Curious and puzzled as I was I said yeah I'll be there very early.

Oh my, the word thank you is not enough to express how thankful I am for whatever is happening in my life. I never thought that these would really happen to me. It seems like starting the next days off I have, I will be very very busy. Hope I still have time to blog. Hahaha...

For everyone that keeps visiting and reading my posts, God bless you! And rest assured that you are all in my prayers. The only thing that I'm not lucky yet is to win the Lottery and if I do, you will all benefit from it. We will have a blog friends reunion, and it will be on me... Yehey!


  1. Wow, that was an inspiring post, and it makes me happy that you are having good things happen. How kind of you to listen to your friend, sometimes it is the greatest thing in the world to just listen.
    I wish you luck in everything and hope it continues. :-)

  2. i'm sorry about your and your friend's relationship problems. but happy that everything else seems to be falling into place. new friends, career, your extra-curricular activities, etc. good for you jj!

  3. Pare JJ,
    Our destiny is in our own hands. You are doing fine. Making friends and helping friends. Lady luck will smile on you and so also the Lottery angel.


  4. Dear JJ Roa Rodriguez: How honest and forthright your posts, refreshing! I feel that you will find the life you seek because you have love in your heart! Know you have friends here!Jane Jones


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