Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 1 and 2 in the USA

I just got back home late yesterday afternoon around 6pm. It is with deep sadness that I need to go back home because I still want to stay. I left my heart there! LOL!

So as I have planned. Last Saturday, August 6, 2011, I went to cross the Canada-US border in Niagara Falls. The day started not so good for it was raining when i left Burlington to Niagara Falls. So while on my way, just to make sure that I can go on with my plane, through the help of my iPad, I was able to book a bus ticket from Niagara Falls, ON, CA to Buffalo, New York, USA. the bus will be leaving at 7:25 in the evening. I got there around 5pm. with almost 2 1/2 waiting hours, i decided to walk to the viewing area of the falls. I don't know what happened but the rain just stopped.

Quick as I can, I went to get a taxi and ask the driver if it is possible for me to just grab my bag and come back to that pedestrian way to the USA. Right side of the Rainbow Bridge if you are coming from Canada...

I even got a message from a friend that why not buy an umbrella and walk across. That was possible. Oh i was cramming when I was buying that bus ticket. I haven't thought of it. So off I go. Went to the bus station grab my bag and come back. It is the best idea though. Because should have I have taken the bus, I will be in NFalls US side by around 9PM. while doing the walk will only give me 15 minutes.

so at exactly 6:30pm i was already in front of the US Immigration Officer. She was a fine lady. The usual routing questioning but not intimidating. They did not even check bags. Or probably she saw how tired I am already. But I tried to smile and be relax. although, I am really exhausted. After paying US$6, I was approved to go out and voila! welcome to the USA!

 at Seneca Casino where we had our dinner. My first time in a casino too. I don't like casinos.

After checking in the Hostel that I booked, i went back to NFalls. I dont want to miss the sight of it and get a chance to snap some pics while waiting for my friend to meet me. Luckily after two hours of roaming and exhausted, I found a spot where I can sit and have a beer. There is a street party with a live band. Oh cool! A good big can of beer and good music, right on the street!

Went back to the hostel after learning that my friend will be in Nfalls past 12mn. I am already dead tired. He came, we went to Seneca Casino have something to eat and off we went back to the Hostel and sleep.

Next day Day 2, is a trip to Rochester via the lake. I wanted to see Niagara Lake on the US side. I live 200meters away from lake Ontario in Burlington.

 oh my! i got so hooked up talking to my friend on our way that i just realized that I forgot to take pictures on the way. hahaha! anyway, worth it. we need to have some catching up to do anyway. LOL! best alibi!

  as we arrived in Rochester, there was a street fair that I don't remember what it is... hahaha!. i got so empty headed. hahaha... funny! but i just realized it now.


  1. @ Suz, thank you. there were some disappointments and some things that I don't expect but just merely making the on & off the US & Canada border with no hassles is already something for me... Again, thank u!


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