Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amor Con Amor Sepaga

I will take and endure the pain,
     If it means unveiling the truth.

I'll accept defeat,
     If it means freedom.

Time would heal
     and free me from
     this temporary state  of sadness 
     and misery.

And when I am through of this,
     that is my sweetest victory!

you would probably think or ask,
why i chose that title over this post.
i just knew that what you give
is what you are suppose to get in return...

that is what i have been believing.

but why sometimes,
it is not the case...


  1. Nice emotions in there and a very powerful message:)

  2. What you give is what you get but much more. It is the way of Providence rewarding those who are benevolent!

  3. @ Old Ollie, thank you!

    @ Erratic Thoughts, I am in search of answers now. Thank you for the visit...

    @ kaykuala, thanks for that nice input...

  4. the last 2 lines - so true... i know that in love, one shouldn't count and compare. but sometimes, one just can't help it.


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