Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3 & 4 in the USA

been so exhausted for the last 2 days with a barely 4 hours sleep, not mentioning that i have been very busy finishing my work on Friday to make sure that there will be no hassles as i take off on saturday, we finally went to bed early sunday night and stay up late. staying up late on bed doesn't mean I am sleeping. just there to rest. No matter what I do, my body clock will tell me that it is already 5am. LOL! 

So I waited for my friend to get up. He will be working and I need to go with him. He works to the next town, Henrietta. So off we go before noon. My itinerary, Mall and the surrounding area while waiting for my friend to finish work and join him going home. 

Before he dropped me off at the Marketplace, we first have something to eat. But because we are running late, we opted to eat at Wendy's. Why I am taking note of this? Here is what happened... I ordered coffee, and before giving us the order, the lady ask me - "any cream and sugar?" and so i said, "yes, two of each!" So she turn her back and get it. Surprisingly! there is none. LOL! How can a fastfood run out of supplies?... and that's not the end of this. When we are finally seated, cobwebs! oh yes! cobwebs on the window sill. Took a picture of it. My friend was just laughing... LOL!

ok enough with that... let's go back to my US Days... LOL!

After Wendy's, my friend dropped me to the Marketplace Mall. Quiet big and clean mall. and there's a free wifi. Yehey! at least if i get tired I can just sit down grab a cup of coffee (sorry! i'm coffee addict! why you have that face. Yes i admit i'm caffeine addict, LOL!) So I roamed around the mall, while waiting for 2:30pm. I am going to watch "Captain America!" Why? the best place to watch that movie is in the US. Make sense to you? hahaha... Funny! i did not tell this to my friend but i got confused and got lost. I did not know where to go. I turn and turn (walking) around the vicinity but cannot find the theater. So instead of making the 2:30, I made the 3:25pm. 
After the movie, I dropped by the workplace of my friend which is just around the corner to check on him. and off I went back to the moviehouse. But since, i kind of fell it's a waste of time, I ended up going to the bus stop near the mall again and took the bus. whatever bus that would come first. I have this attitude that as long as I know I have enough money to take a Taxi to come back from where I started I just go for it. Make sense? for me yes... LOL!

So I was able to see, East Mall which is a short drive by a bus from Henrietta. And I enjoyed that ride because the man sitting beside me, was so pleasant and while we were on board the bus, he is giving me lectures and orientation of the place. We even talked about the US Politics and Economy and it's connection to the world Politics & Economy as well. A lot of things, maybe I can talk about it in the next posts. Which i will for sure because I think that would open up people's mind. He agreed on my points of view. And so I am to him. He even ask me to jump in another bus so I can see where he lives with his wife and children. Lovely neighborhood!

So, off he showed me my bus stop going back to the Marketplace. 

I went to dinner myself, at Longhorn... Which I almost killed myself. I have this very unique allergy on "Cinnamon". I ordered steak and a sweet potato. I immediately smell it. but she was to quick putting it on my table and before I can even tell her something is wrong she's gone. btw, she is the cashier, bartender and waitress that night. Make sense why she is in a hurry. When I called for her, she saw me and immediately grab the food without asking. Comes back at once and I ask her, "is there any cinnamon in the food?", she said yes. After I apologize of not telling her, she went back to the kitchen and get me a new one. Thank God! i don't want to cause my friend trouble. He might not invite me again. Hahaha!...

So I went walking. the sun is still up and it's not to hot anymore to get some more pictures. and off to have a big mug of beer while waiting for my friend. I ended up finishing three tall glasses of beer. Off we went home around 11:15pm and at home by 11:45pm. almost midnight. I already knew that it would be a tough night for me. Last nights are always terrible. I have goodbyes and farewells. Why? because of all the things that had happened to my life. Starting the lost my father. I just hate it. So I was on bed roughly around 1 but I am already up by 3:30am. My friend even asked me what am I doing when he saw me when he went to the washroom, I said I can't sleep. Off he went to bed and I am left shutting my iPad and push myself to at least rest if not sleep. 

 Since my friends and his housemate is working early the next day, they cannot give me a ride to the station which is just fine with me. I can get a cab as I told them and never worry. I am even worry that they might not be comfortable leaving me alone in their home. Anyways, the train schedule is 2:04pm running from Rochester, NY to Niagara Falls, ON, CA. Opted to take the bus straight to Burlington after crossing the border. 

while waiting for the taxi to come at around 11:30am, i went to the yard and took these pictures... 

The following pics are taken in front of the AMTRAK Train Station...

pictures i took while waiting for the Amtrak Train. which was 30 minutes delayed. 

 left Rochester, NY, USA by 2:35pm. and on by 5pm, I am already in Niagara Falls, ON, CA. and on my bus to Burlington by 5:25. 




  1. Are you finding the US much different from Canada?

  2. @ Vicki Lane, this is how it goes. I was really excited to be there. Crossing the border was fun and exiting. Esp after I have successfully presented my documents to the immigration and finally allowed to come in. Seeing the other part of the falls was an exciting experience. The problem was when I went out of that tourist are and went into the city. Sorry to say this but it is like a ghost town. Abandoned building and houses. And there is a little feeling of fear. So when I went home and told my boss about it. He told me that at certain point in time people just start abandoning the area. And I must understand that even in the US there are some part that are considered depressed in the American standard. That was sad for me.

    Anyway, looking at the brighter side. My friend who hosted me for three days, which I am very grateful of showed me some nice part of New York. And his disputability and warmth is what made that trip a wonderful experience.

    Thank you for the visit...

  3. My apologies, I mean HOSPITABILITY not DISPUTABILITY...

  4. Hey JJ, I couldn't get to your blog to comment for the last few weeks. Not sure if it was my computer or what.
    Anyhow, got there today.
    I sometimes have a hard time sleeping when I'm out of town.
    Aside from the cobwebs at Wendy's and the near miss with cinnamon at Longhorn, did you have a good visit in the US?


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