Saturday, August 27, 2011

another big day!

I thought I am over with so much activities and of "go here" and "go there" thing! Not yet, unless there is a miracle before 11am tomorrow. LOL!

I am prepared anyway. I don't know what to wear. Yes! I am not a light traveller. I make sure I have my complete wardrobe when travelling. LOL! It's like I'm going for a runway show.

I tried watching Lyle Lovett in "youtube" today and see him as a very well dressed man. I admire him in that sense by the way. Being from texas (because of my limited knowledge, sorry!) I was thinking of him being on a cowboy attire. tight jeans, cowboy hat and a horse.. just kidding. I love cowboys anyway. They're sexy and hot... hehehe... 

The problem is, I need to be back early in the morning of monday straight to Toronto because I have an appointment with the man I met in Toronto last Monday and he will personally introduce me to his friend. 

This is the story. Accidentally while I am having a beer in my favorite bar in Toronto, the man seated beside me overheard me calling a friend. I called a friend to ask him if he knew anybody who works in any performing arts center and maybe they know if I can volunteer. I need an interactive job even without pay. LOL! 

And since performing arts, either on and off the stage is what I love to do since I was young, as a therapy to my aching heart (that time, I am fine now!); I thought it would be best. As soon as I hang up my phone. The man approached me and excuse himself before telling me he slightly listened to my conversation. I just looked at him and smile. Anyway, I am delighted because he is well dressed, impressive; he is not Lyle Lovett though, hahaha! well mannered (listening to other's conversation) and well poised. Elegance is what you will first noticed. And the framed smile on the face (as if an airline crew).  

He introduced himself and told me he knew somebody from the performing arts in Toronto, and if I am interested he can introduce me to his friend. Wow! i love it!... to impress me much, he called the friend and set me an appointment and gave me his business card. Unfortunately, I have to report to work so I cannot make it that time or this week. They talk a little more and afterwards he told me that  his friend approved for a monday appointment. Yehey!

wait wait wait... i'm lost... I jumped to that... I still have my driving school from 8am to 12noon. the train leaves at 12:30 the concert is at 7pm... huh! killing myself. I wanna be busy but not like this... hahaha...

btw, I already signed up for my Salsa Dances every thursdays and Sundays in Downtown Toronto...  Dancing is my first love... This is the start of a new life. This is the JJ I know. and suppose to be watching Barry Manilow tonight with my cousin and my sister. unfortunately I have to cover for Pat because he is covering for me tomorrow... 

Happy weekend my friends!

BTW, PRAYING THAT IRENE DID NOT MAKE A BIG DISASTER IN NY & NJ. I have cousins and friends there. Visiting them in the next months before the snow falls... 


  1. I've just caught up on your past blog posts
    Jj you are so much fun to read...I really feel like I know you...your words are so honest and open
    You are a good caretaker to your boss
    All this will return to you

  2. @ Suz, thank you for your wonderful words. At least now seeing the word fun makes me feel better. That is probably why I cannot tolerate lying because I don't.

    Whatever I do I always make justice to the job. I always love what I do. And proud of it.

    Thank you very much sister!


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