Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something good happened!

Funny that las Saturday I am already set-up to leave until I got a call from an unknown number while I am in the middle of my driving lesson exam which by the way I got a perfect score again. First time in the history of my driving school. S I was given 5 more hours of driving bonus. Yehey! I texted the number if they can wait til I'm done.

It was somebody from California who is in New York city visiting but because of the hurricane that they and decided to go to Toronto instead. He is a fan of lyle lovett and will visit a friend in canandaigua. Where did he get my number, on my ad at one website sellng my ticket for the concert. Oh! Sigh of relief. And so I was able to sell it. Good! But how will the payment be. This is a matter of trust and honesty. He gave me his hotel name and room number in Toronto and told me to meet him there this morning. So I emailed him the receipt and the e-tickets I got.

Off I went to Pickering to meet some of my friends who are having a barbecue party. And oh my I have a great fun there... A lot of vintages! Hahaha! I love vintages...

So as early as 7am I left Pickering and went to the hotel in Toronto where he told me I will met him so he can pay me. I was impressed of how this guy look. He is as well dressed as Lyle Lovett... Hahaha... Nice introduction and what a warm shake hands. He invited me for a coffee at the hotel lobby at York Avenue. Coffee! I'm not gonna say no. He is well mannered and very articulate. And he say the words like Michael Buble, what a pair of sexy lips. Huh! On an early Sunday morning.

He handed me an envelope which I knew contains the money so I get it. Hehehe... But before I can open my mouth to say I'm leaving, he was quick to ask me if I have something to do for the day. And so I said none. He said he and his friend will be delighted if I can join them for the day. By the way, he is a Norwegian (is this right? Sorry my friend i am not as smart as your fans... Hahaha.. Just joking!) Doctor based in Los Angeles, California. He even gave me his business card. Dr. ole!

So I ended up having breakfast with him while we are waiting for his friend to come down. As soon as he is there, dr. Ole ask me if I can just leave my bag in their hotel rooms we can proceed. Proceed where - the center island of toronto. Yehey!

We stayed there til 3pm and went back to Toronto. We went to see busker festival at front street. Stayed there til 5pm. And so we go home...

I went to get my bag and left off...

To be continued... For sure while you are reading this. We are already having beer at my favorite bar...

Btw/ps: I just thought after doing everything and feeling like I failed and because of that I have decided to start all over again, and see where I went wrong and avoid it again, I decided to create another blog... Another blog? Hehehe... This will contain evaluation of my first 14 months in Canada. I will post/log in the places I went to, people I met, and exchanges of text And email messages I receive and sent everyday, all of it. But this might be for invited readers only... This is now truly my daily diary...

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  1. Pare JJ,
    You are having fun! Somehow you seem to prove what I had always thought could happen. That a nice guy having nice thoughts would have nice people around him. You proved that! You meet others as strangers but you left them as friends.
    Good luck Pare and best wishes



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