Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day To Say Thank You!..

I am dedicating this day to thank everyone who have been part of my blogging.

Honestly, when I did my blog, I am not thinking of anything except just making it somewhat like a daily diary. To document everything that I am doing, going and thinking as well as done, went and thought. And to get someone's attention. LOL!

Until, I am slowly getting comments. I started with noone making a comment. At the start, I comment on my own posts. Hahaha! But it is alright with me because as I have said this blog is suppose to be just like a diary and to get my special someone's attention. And then, from one follower to now THIRTY!.. Imagine that!...

For someone like me who is not a poet, a writer, a photographer, a fashion guru, a dietitian and so on and so forth, having you wonderful people as part of this blog makes me feel special and loved and liked. That is why after my blog friend "Rick Watson" gave me an award yesterday, I am making this day as my "THANK YOU" Day!

I am suppose to say 7 things about myself, so here it is:

     1. I am from Roxas, Palawan, Philippines.
     2. I am single, never married and looking forward to getting
         married... where are you?..
     3. I belong to a large family of 8 siblings, 5 boys & 3 girls. I am
         the 5th. I have a very wonderful stepfather and a stepsister.
     4. After the Philippines, I went to Taipei, Taiwan as a Nursing Home Caregiver
         with which I have learned the beauty beyond sagging skin and wrinkled face...
         very rewarding...
     5. And I am blessed to come to Canada to work as a personal caregiver
         to a wonderful man with a wonderful family.
     6. I am soooo blessed except for one...
     7. A lifetime partner, which I am working on... LOL!

Ok there you go!

Now I want to make mention of 7 wonderful people
who have been part of my inspiration in continuing
this blog as I almost surrender... hehehe!..
and to make mention of my particular posts
that they have made a comment that I cherish the most!
And my Personal Awardees are;
except for Rick Watson...

1. Suz, the blog friend I call my Fairy Blog Sister;  
            for his comments on "In Memory Of 
            Gabriel R. Rodriguez Sr.", 
            "Yesterday" & "Wish I Could Be"

2. R. Burnett Baker; 
            for his comments on my posts
            "Wish I Could Be"  & "This Is Me!"

3. chiccoreal; for her 
            comments on "Self Searching" & "Wish I Could Be"

4. Helen; 
             for her comment on "Kulay at Pintura"

5. li; for her comments on 
              "Abluftventilator" & "Yesterday"

6. Kelvin/WINDOW LAD; 
              for his comments on "Abluftventilator" & 
              "a shell... a life..."

7. kaykuala, My Pare on Blog World. 
              (Pare means the godfather to your child 
              or eitherways for Filipinos) 

I also want to thank the 29 Followers that I have here:

  1. Poetry Is My Sunshine
  2. ROBERT Brooker
  3. Justin S.
  4. The Purple Treehouse
  5. Manasi Diwakar
  6. Suz -
  7. Ronjoe 'Geezer' -
  8. il-Pejxu -
  9. Sean -
10. chiccoreal -
11. Makii -
12. Tess Kincaid -
13. the.island.guy -
14. li -
15. Cristina - my senior high school english teacher at
       Holy Trinity University, Palawan, Phils.
16. Aris -
17. Rick Watson aka Life101 -
18. Corey -
19. Mooderino -
20. R. Burnett Baker -
21. ron.angitawagmosaakin -
22. kaykuala -
23. James Deagle -
24. Kristen Haskel
25. Lena -
26. Paul Lawson
27. Itin -
28. SPLICE -
29. Michael Offutt -

And not to forget the 5 friends I have with my 
Mis Canciones blog!..

1. Rick Watson aka Life 101
3. julien hakym -
4. Lizzy Frizzfrock -
5. R. Burnett Baker

And to hug all those who have been commenting on my posts.
You guys are making my daily life happy.
Putting a smile on my face.

> Rick Watson aka Life 101          > the green breaker
> Brian Miller                              
> moonduster                                 > kaykuala
> Mystic_Mom                              > Gaurang Rao
> thingy                                         > chiccoreal
> Old Ollie                                     > mots
> Kathe W.                                    > li
> Erratic Thoughts                         > Vicki Lane
> Lena                                            > Suz
> Sean                                            > Friko
> Henry Clemmons                        > Mama Zen
> Berowne                                     > Nanka
> Kristen Haskell                           > Reflections
> forgetmenot                                 > Pat Hatt
> T.O. Geezer                                > Aris
> Kay L. Davies                             > the island guy
> Bee's Blog                                   > Morning
> Trelissimo                                    > HyperCRYPTICal
> Tumblewords                               > Lolamouse
> Gary Betts                                    > mindlovermisery
> anonymous, i guess this is my friend CHONA GARCIA
> Isabel Doyle                                 > Jingle
> Louise                                          > Sioux
> Jim Swindle                                 > Margaret
> another anonymous from my home province for sure
> Tess Kincaid                                > Arian Tejano
> tim                                                > Kelvin, WINDOW LAD             

and now off to wherever to celebrate... ajax? scarborough? Toronto? cross the border? 
as long as there is fun, there I go... LOL!

Happy blogging my friends!


"pictures are not mine. got them from google."


  1. Congratulations on the award, JJ!

  2. Pare JJ,
    My gosh, thank you so much buddy. It's been great to know you and your blogging. It had been just lately but somehow you made it easy and nice. You have taken this special way to record the goodness of blogging and I really appreciate it. Wishing you well for the future. Happy blogging!

    Hank aka kaykuala
    P/S my poetry blog is at Rainbow

  3. Pare JJ,
    Coorection, it is Rainbow, at


  4. @ Vicki Lane, thank you! you are part of my inspiration...

    @ Pareng Hank, just did it! Sorry!

    PS. for everyone that I have mentioned here, feel free to correct if I made some errors. Thank you!

  5. Jj thank you
    for your kind words....I am glad to be your fairy god-sister....what's one more sister,right?

  6. cheers, jj! and thank you, too. take care always. :)

  7. thank you po sir.. i least expected it these days.. and my apology for not seeing this earlier.. naalala ko 2loy nung una kong magblog.. la din ako ni isang follower nor reader... it took months ata bago ako nagkaroon ng isang follower.. until sobrang dami na nila... nahihiya nga po ako kc di ko nmn sila lhat kayang bisitahin.. hehe.. at magleave ng comment... thanks po tlga sa award.. currently having trouble postin' it at my awards room.. but sooner or later i'll post it there.. (:

    Brightest blessings!(:


  8. Hi JJ! I missed this post, unfortunately. I have bad luck that way. Sorry - but I follow about 100 blogs so I cannot read everything.

    This is a wonderful award and you should win it again for helping your friend the other day!

    I deeply appreciate you thinking of me. I have posts that are scheduled for the next week but after that I will have an awards post and link it to you and thank you in public!

    Stay well, my friend.


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