Sunday, August 7, 2011

My first 24 hours in the US

... So yesterday I was a little upset being the driving lesson did not start and stop as I expect it to be. Huh! I thought only Filipinos back home are late, it seems like it is also happening here. My classmates (only 6 of us, 3 males & 3 females) are there. Oh my 2 came late so we need to wait for them. That made all the delays. So ended up an hour late than I expected. Was not able to catch the 2:30pm bus.

I got on the 3:55pm bus to Niagara Falls, Ontario around 5pm. It is a bit cloudy. And some bit of rain. And I just thought that the weather is not giving me any chance of crossing the bridge on foot. So I decided to buy a greyhound bus ticket for the earliest time which is 7:25pm. But since I still a couple of hours and a half before the bus schedule of departure, I ended up walking to the falls on Canada side. Upon reaching the falls by around 6pm, the weather is kind of slowly getting better. And I saw people crossing the rainbow bridge to the US and to Canada. Ting! I immediately thought if I can get my bag from the station and it would take me 15 minutes to cross the bridge, i can be on the other side in no time if ever the rain would come again. So I stopped a taxi and tell the driver I just wanna pick up my bag from the station and come back. She agreed and off we go.

Finally at around 6:30pm I am walking on the bridge to the USA. (pictures on the bridge will be posted when I ge back) I only have my iPad can't transfer all the pics from iPhone and camera) so at exactly 7pm I set my foot on Niagara Falls, New York, USA.


More stories on Tuesday...

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