Friday, October 7, 2011

Lie... To Keep A Relationship?..

while waiting for the dentist, who by the way for the first time I saw the full face. He is adorable. I thought it was the male receptionist that would be the reason why I need to be looking good everytime I go there; it seems like my Dental Surgeon should be. hahaha...  The first time I went there, Dr. Chris is in his gloves and mask, so I haven't had the opportunity to view his face. But yesterday, since he needs to explain to me what is the procedure; he is in his bare face.

I melt down. Now I am no longer afraid of opening my mouth for him, I am ashamed. He might see things that he wouldn't like. hahaha... Anyways, he is as I was saying adorable. If with the male receptionist, I dropped my white small size underwear, this time, I wanna shut the door and take off my clothes. well?... bwahahaha.... so what they did yesterday was to open the tooth and drain it. and I will be back there on the 18th October so that they can complete the root canal.

back to the main topic...

so while waiting for the gorgeous doctor. I saw this Magazine, but i forgot what is the name, issue Date and who is the writer for this particular thing that got me reading 'til the receptionist called for me.

It says that in a relationship, you should not be a hundred per cent honest to keep it going. I was a little aback on this. As I am always into a 100% honesty when it comes to relationship.

what is the extent of being a little dishonest. does it mean, even if your partner is wearing something that is awefully bad, you will tell, you look great honey? or does it allows you to say, "this food is delicious!" even you are just pushing it down your throat because you don't like it, especially after a long day or hard days work. or does it allow you to say you are just fine after seeing your house is in a mess knowing that he was there all day long.

or does it extends you to being just ok telling your partner that you just walked that is why it took you a long time to come home, when the truth is you have coffee with a friend or a co-worker or meet at ex lover (exaggeration)... or turn off your phone pretending noone is calling and texting you, but the real situation is you are afraid someone might call and he/she hears it. I really don't know what white lies or lies is allowed in a relationship.

In all my relationships. even those who likes me in whatever way, I always say it to whoever I am with. I don't think I need to hide anything especially if I am not doing anything wrong. I always believe that honesty is the best policy as to believing the truth will always prevail and come out. And hiding something is scary. These are the things that I believe in. And I am always a WYSIWYG type of guy...

to be continued later... I have a lunch meeting with a friend before going to my training today. and tomorrow... Love you guys... been so busy this past few days... miss reading your blogs... will do starting next week..


  1. thats a tough question, I mean, do you tell the truth even if it hurts the feelings of the one you love???

  2. I don't think that lying ever has a place in a relationship. Honesty is the best policy.

  3. A difficult question. I think there are times when, if no one asks, you shouldn't tell.

    Unless your keeping quiet would harm the other in some way.

  4. i dunno man...i think lying undermines everything a relationship should be about...


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