Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seven O'clock

Happy sitting in a coffee shop
At seven in the morning
Browsing blogs,
or news, or new inventions.

Until I end up
Opening YouTube on my iPad
Watching music videos
That lead me to...

Remember you,
The wasted plans,
the dreams I have when I'm still with you
The happy moments,
The love lost and gone admiration...

and the song
New York State Of Mind

My first entry to Gooseberry Garden [link]
Poetry Picnic Week 9: Longing, Loss, Loosing and failure
And check the youtube video of
[link] Lea Salonga, Tony & Olivier Winner for Best Actress for Miss Saigon
written while having coffee at Starbucks
Church Street, Toronto, ON, CA


  1. How sweet you poem is! Great job. Blessings, Terri

  2. New York State of Mind,

    interesting line, well done.

  3. bravo my friend :)

  4. The paradox of remembering. You can taste the bitter as well as the sweet.

    Fickle Cattle

  5. york state of mind is a great song...felt the underlying emotions in this one...

  6. i told you, your mind is not empty..very quick to organize thoughts and have them written dowm...

    how can i join this poetry picnic?

  7. Hello.
    Welcome to Poetry Picnic at The Gooseberry Garden.

    Your entry certainly fits the theme this week.
    Nicely penned!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Beauty Of Love

  8. Very nice!
    Wasn't expecting the last half...

  9. Hey JJ. Finally saw your blog, and what a great coincidence that the first thing I read here was a poem. Excelent work.

    The Ilocano Haiku Project

  10. Dear JJ: It is so easy falling in love with you..and you make me stay and want more! :) Chiccoreal

  11. Coffee and Poets :) always a great combo

  12. Excellent job your poem is so sweet well done

  13. @ Terri, thank you very much!

    @ New York State of Mind, the song just drove me to remember him because my recent ex is from there... Thank you!

    @ David Allen waters, thank you for always appreciating my works...

    @ The Orange Tree, thank you!

    @ Fickle cattle, i know... Thank you my friend!

    @ Brian Miller, thank you sir!

    @ jeanette, hey friend... i know you are always there for me... saw your entry there, well done...

    @ Andy, thank you!

    @ lifeinverse, thank you!

    @ theilokanohaikuproject, salamat po... thanks for the visit!

    @ Chiccoreal, you made me very happy with that comment. hope it will make magic and give me the happiness i am in search of... thank you!

    @ blackswanpoetry, thank you!

    @ Ann LeFlore, thank you maam...


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