Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Smell Of Your Breath

I can still remember
how your mother would lay you on my chest
for I do not want to carry you
I just thought you are so delicate
that I might hold you so tight.

So every time you need to sleep
She would call for me
and make me lay down on the crib
a big crib that lolo made,
and put you on my chest. 

How I enjoy every moment we spent
The feel of your breathing chest
The times I feel you wet my chest
But the breath...
Oh that angel's breath...

I may not be your father,
For I am just your mother's brother
But my four buringgoys
You have given me uncomparable joy 

And learn to love you more than myself.

photo courtesy of BlueBell [link] for the Short Story Slam Week 12

FYI: lolo means grandfather for Filipinos.
         My Stepdad would make a crib as big as 5 x 5 feet. 
         buringgoy is not really a name.
         It just came out of my mouth
         as I am singing some made up lullaby
         for my nephews.
         So I started calling all my baby nephews buringgoy.

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and My version of the song, I'll Take Care of You (hahaha)
        at my Mis Canciones Blog [link] just for fun...
        a friend requested. Blame her... 


  1. this is beautiful...the love for your nephews comes through in every word....

    hugs to you :)

  2. ParengJJ,
    Nephews and nieces can be good friends. But to be associated with them when they are just toddlers would cement the friendship better!


  3. Okay, having problems posting my comments again. Beautifully done! I said more the last times but frustrated now and don't remember what I said. Blessings, Terri

  4. lovely a dad you took me back to the boys early days...the smell of their breath...nice touch...

  5. This is a very sweet and aromatic poem coming from you! Loving it. I feel the emotion that draws from with in..

  6. What a sweet and tender feeling you evoke here.

  7. wanna say:

    @ David Allen Waters, they are the love of my life! thanks!

    @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, they are everything to me aside from my mother!

    @ Morning, thank you for the appreciation!

    @ Terri, sorry for that... it happens to me several times. what I do is logged out and sign in again. esp if the browser is an automatic, remember me in this computer type of thing... thank you anyways!

    @ Brian Miller, I know sir. If it is heaven for me as an uncle, how much more for fathers like you. Thank you!

    @ tim, thank you for the appreciation!

    @ Friko, thank you maam!

    That is why, it is a take it or leave it if somebody will be interested in me. Package deal me and my nephews and niece. as they form part of my whole being. Love you guys!

  8. nothing is like a baby lying on your chest, or belly. i had a 7 lb cat, and she lied on top of me, when my boys were grown, and i loved that. i mess her. she died last year. :(

  9. Very tender and moving. A joy to read.

  10. beautiful.

    how true your first few lines are, and supwer sweet too.

  11. I wanna say:

    @ zongrick, i know.. those are priceless moments. and i know how it feels to loose a pet. that is why i cannot have one anymore... thanks!

    @ keith ramblings, thank you...

    @ The Noiseless Cuckooclock, thank you...

  12. In some native American tribes, a child's mother's brother was every bit as important as his father. A very close bond...

    Loved your post about the animal totems!

  13. Oh! This is so beautiful . . . it has made me cry! Your buringgoys are so blessed to have your love and your lullaby. Thank you!

  14. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Anna :o]

  15. so well done and such love for your nephew well written

  16. Loved your take on the prompt, and I especially enjoyed the brief introduction to Filipino vocabulary. How powerful an experience; thank you for sharing.

  17. Very nice write! A wonderful story about love!

  18. Thank you for visiting and for your comments:

    @ Vicki Lane
    @ Kay
    @ Anna
    @ Ann LeFlore
    @ Guilie
    @ e.a.s. demers
    @ Marbles in My Pocket


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