Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Opening Salvo...

Because the house is in a nice heating and cooling sytem, you can even strip or be naked inside. So when i woke up this morning and get the newspaper... Holy smoke! Biting cold... So i went in and check out the weather, oh my! Its 6deg in the morning, 4 deg in the afternoon and 4 deg with scattered rainshower in toronto at night.

Oh my oh my! What's all the planning for my wardrobe. Hahaha... Mr. R's friends are going to meet me tonight, I wanna make a good impression. Not just because I don't want to disappoint Mr. R after making good stories about me to his friends but because I want to present myself nicely. For sure Mr. R, himself will be shocked to see me with facial hair. Hahaha. I grew my mustache and beard. He told me the last time that i'm too neat. So let's make it a little dirty. LOL! And he loves my perfume. Hmmm.. He's sniffing me...

Will post pics tomorrow of how I look with facial hair and shots about the festival...

Besides, it's gonna be fun. There is another festivity happening in downtown Toronto - scotiabank NUIT BLANCHE! It is happening from 6:59pm to sunrise. Yonge street from Wellesley to Queen is close and from that point down to Queen west. Food, drinks, music, dancing, arts... It's all there... Hope I dont make myself a mess...

By the way, on my to Toronto got a message from my boss asking for some instructions on how our hi-tech sound system works. And after the exchanges of messages, she texted me... Oh JJ! I miss you when you're not here... Texted her back... That's good. I want you all to be dependent to me... Means security of tenure... She called and we all laughed... Hahaha... The system actually is new because they have it upgraded so i can listen to fm and am station from the Philippines. I just love them...

To be continued... Love you blog friends, readers and commentors... Continue enjoying life... Hope my new wardrobe will be good enough. LOL!..


  1. you're hilarious jj!!! i love that part when your boss called you...very amusing!!!

  2. Pare JJ,
    Great going. We just can't forget home! Songs from home can mend a lonely heart!



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