Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Thanksgiving Dinner

So, we have a little changes on the original plans.
My boss and his family decided that I need to be at the dinner.
And received a text from my lady boss saying,
as part of their family I need to be there.
So at 4pm we are all getting ready.

as you know, probably I am one of the lucky newcomer in Canada
having the comfort of the four homes that I am free to stay.
Excluding home of my new friends in Downtown Toronto
where I am most welcome to spend some days.

one, my sister's home in Ajax; where she and her three daughter
and my youngest brother lives.
two, is my friend's apartment in downtown Toronto.
His couch is the most comfortable one I saw.
Amd for my size of 120lbs and 5'4 height,
it is like 4 inches bigger that a single bed for me.
and then the Villa where my lady boss and dr. boss is sharing with me...
and of course the home where I am stating with my Sir M,
which is probably 400 meters away from the lakeshore...

on the dinner table, my boss' girlfriend Miss V, have spiced up
the night by some stones that she painted up animals and insects
that symbolizes characteristics of humans as believed by the
original inhabitants of Canada.

I just wanna share this up because I think I picked the right one...

The Whale

The natives believe that animal totems
an teach us about ourselves.
An animal totem or symbol represents
a thought, feeling or desire.
Natives believe that these totems have
valuable lessons to teach us.
A totem brings the subconscious to the conscious.

The animal totem that you have chose is the Whale.
The whale is the most powerful
and most prevalent totem image
among the North American native tribes.
The whale is the formidable ruler
of the underwater city.
It is the water equivalent of the WOLF on land.

Water is a powerful symbol in itself.
It is the energy force of life.
It is a sign of cleansing, freedom and mobility.
Many thoughts and ideas are hidden in the "watery depth" of our soul
and the whale totem helps us reveal and identify them.
The whale totem deals with the uncovering and revealing of our subconscious.
It brings our subconscious thoughts to the surface.

The whale is a creative, inspiring force.
It is held in great awe for its size and power.
The whale totem uses its energy to heal.
Water, because of it reflective and mysterious nature,
can be full of illusions.
Water distorts reality.
The whale energy helps to break down these illusions so we can see
our path in a clear light with no distortions.

Although the whale is lumbering and large,
it is calm and gentle in the water.
As a water creature,
it reminds us to make an effort to calm our subconscious minds.

The whale totem is a symbol of a great communicator.
The whale has a remarkable ability to communicate using sound frequencies.
If the whale is your totem you have the natural ability
to communicate easily and effectively.

By observing and being open,
our water totems help us to learn the simpler way in life
and encourage us to think more positively.
Water creatures are playful and remind us 
to live life with an energetic spirit...

by the way, I have posted Part I on the pictures I took while enjoying the gorgeous thanksgiving day! It is like summer visiting us for three days now [link] My Amateur Shots...

and the new song for Mis Canciones [link] I'll Take Care Of You


  1. PareJJ,
    This is excellent! An update and a whale of a story. Yes, the whale is symbolic of our life's situation. Owing to its size it covers all situations. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I know... I just felt Pareng Hank that this characteristics of the whale somewhat goes with my personality.




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