Friday, October 21, 2011

M E E T U P !

Meet Up? I have heard of this already but never paid attention to it.

But last Saturday, after the celebration of my dear friend's birthday, Maribel, her friend ED, took us to an all Filipino Meet Up. Maribel have been doing this for quite sometime now. But hers was about badminton and some hiking activities which I am not fond of. hehehe... They will not appreciate me wearing my iron clothes there. hahaha. so I did not bother to know this.

While getting acquainted to them, I realized that there is a potential of finding a buddy or friend in meet ups like that. And there is only what, eight of us there but they all seem to be nice people. I enjoyed the night and due to some cheering which was initiated by Maribel, I had, my first time in Canada to sing in a Karaoke. Yehey!... I enjoyed it tho.

So this came into my mind as I have been looking for some group to get along with, you know people of the same interest. and during the start of the protest, Occupy Toronto, there are at least 8-10 young bloggers that I met. and we exchange view and ideas about what is happening there. They interviewed me and ask about it. It is quite interesting. Slowly I am getting information and techniques what this guys are doing. And it was fun sitting on the pieces of wood or rock while talking to them. I am moved on how serious hey are about blogging.

I was actually feeling stupid (sorry for the word), for not interviewing them as what they did to me. They go there with their paper and pen, still and video camera and some audio recorder. I am not ready for those. And besides as was there just to be an expectator, but at least now I know what to do.

Wait wait wait... I am going away from my title. hahaha..

And so, I decided, I might make a MEET UP group for bloggers. A meeting once a month in a place of the members choice and accessible to everyone. I hope this will materialize. I would probably start here in Toronto or within Ontario but open to people who will be here and willing to attend. I will title the group, BLOGGER'S CAFE!...

so if you guys happen to drop by and you know any idea or you have any suggestion, I would gladly take them and consider. Or if you already know a group like this, please inform me (begging...).

I need to do something. Anyway, love is in the air so, I got all this happy energy to start something new. Got lots of things to do. I am also thinking of doing something for the foreign workers, starting from the Filipinos. Foreign workers who does not have relatives or friends here in Canada. Those who does not know where to go on their days off.

Looking for any charity group or NGO's who will be willing to put up a dormitory type facility that will cater for foreign workers for minimal fee. It has been a struggle for most including me to find for a place to stay to rest and have fun or at least mingle with others after being at work 24/7. It is not that we want to get away from the families that we are servicing but, we all understand that we need sometime away from work.

I for myself have all the luxury in my boss' family. They are so good to me, they are so generous but, I am 41 and I need to socialize. It is hard being just where you are. I need time fo rmyself. I was raise to be helping at home. So just staying at the house, which is your work place, it is too difficult to just watch TV or stay inside your room when you can hear them working.

Or during mealtime, that you are just gonna eat and not done anything at all. So you will end up helping and doing the things you thought needs to be done. So where is days off there... LOL!

If only I know somebody who can finance this, ahhh! I would gladly discuss it to whoever he/she is.

So this weekend while doing nothing on day off... I will be browsing and checking out the internet for this two things that I am interested to do... Please pray for me.

This project will be called, 'HOME AWAY FROM HOME!"

Happy weekend fellow bloggers! Love you all...

PS. Honey, thanks for driving all the way from location work in Hamilton to catch me in downtown Toronto and spending time with me and taking me to the train station... and the input on my idea. Thank you for reminding me on that... Every second of it is well appreciated... and thank you for calling me baby... LOL!... :-)


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  1. Pareng JJ,
    You are on to something good here! A gathering of people of like interests can be most rewarding. More so when you have many of your own people there. Community service and help to those away from home can make life better. Best of luck and every success in your efforts.


  2. would be so cool to regularly meet up with other wishes on finding someone for the dormer as wishes.

  3. @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, that's my ultimate plan. I need to do something that is not only good for me but good to a lot of people. I hope I can find a willing organization or an individual with good heart to put this into reality.. Thanks Pare!

    @ Sir Brian, i know it's gonna be cool. and for the home away from home project. If it materializes, it's gonna be the best!...

  4. You're certainly in a good spot for meeting other bloggers in Toronto, JJ. I'm sure I'm the only one in our small town, and I don't even know if there are any in the city nearby, so I've only met other bloggers when I'm traveling.
    And I love your "Home Away from Home" idea for immigrant Canadians. There is nothing like helping others to make you feel good about yourself. It's better than falling in love because there is no pain involved, only hard work, which also makes us feel good about ourselves.
    If you need encouragement for this idea, e-mail me. And I'm sure Hank will provide lots of moral support, too. It's a great idea.
    — K

  5. keep it up.

    award notice, enjoy,

    simply insert it to your poem, nominate another poet you know for week 55,

    submit a poem to week 54, have fun.
    valued your participation.

  6. @ Kay L. Davies, I'll come and visit you then ma'am, so we can meet each other... hahaha... Thank you very much!

    @ Promising Poets Parking Lot, Thank you and I will continue to be part of it...


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