Wednesday, October 19, 2011

jR jI rC oH dA 'R zD...

if you happen to dropby my blog and you know anybody who have experience the same please I would be glad to hear their story. After seeing for fourteen months, me and my partner decided to end up our relationship. Thru my friend's push, I uploaded my profile on one Apple application and something very strange and i may say unique experience happened to me. I met a very wonderful guy with the same exact first and last name. to add to that the same middle initial. What a wonderful experience I have. I hope this would bring luck to the three of us. Thank you!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Before sleeping last night
We started exhanging messages
Sweet nothings that ease me up
For the labor of the day.

Until you send me that message
Which i know you have no wrong intent
But to keep me inform
So i know the situation.

I cease to message you back
Although i wasn't able to fall asleep
I have been awaken to what I am getting into
But thank you for being you.

This morning I do not intend to message you
Although i have been thinking about you
Until you sent me that info
So i know what to do.

On our second rendezvous
I am thrilled
And excited waiting for you
Imagining what would you do.

Your blue eyes,
Your hugs,
Your kisses,
They are as tight and sweet as I thought.

The way you shield me from the rain
The way you keep me warm
The way you lead me to the train
Oh! Just how happy you made me.

on the train,
you delivered the killer line
What's the point in lying?
I appreciated it so much.

and when we got off the train
and still you protect me from the rain
until we finally reach that place
we claim our own and never cared about people passing by...

And then, the endless warm kisses on the rain.
The tight hugs once again,
While we hide under your black umbrella.
It was so romantic...

Parting ways I know would be sad
But I do not want to think and focus on that
I would rather think of tomorrow
When we will be meeting again on our next rendezvouz.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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  1. love this jj! so much sweetness and passion. nice title jay, i got his name!

  2. ParengJJ,
    How very touching and how lovingly typical of two souls in high spirited endearment! Wishing you every success!


  3. ..nice to see you moving on and opening another relationship.. been out this late and perhaps will be a lot busier lookin’ for a job... i must face the reality now... your lad’s growing up and the call of independence ring over my ears now.. aww.. hehe..

    Take care!(:


  4. Beautiful write...the words,the feelings behind them...everything is just so awesome!

  5. Wishing you may find lasting happiness...

  6. Have the best of the ride my friend! God is good! :-) - CGL

  7. i am so happy for you jj!!! you deserve good love and care! steven

  8. nice...i am so excited for you..i hope it continues to be everything you hope and more...

  9. @ jeanetter, you smart lady... LOL! thanks!

    @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, thank you! I am hoping so too...

    @ Kelvin, time to grow buddy. My prayers are with you...

    @ Short Poems, thank you!

    @ Miss Vicki Lane, thank you maam!

    @ CGL, hey friend... Thank you!

    @ steven, thank you sir!

    @ Sir Brian, i am hoping so too... wish me luck!


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