Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Wild JJ Night that was!..

very hard headed, stubborn, crazy JJ.
The doctor advised me not to drink
anything with alcohol because of the
meds (antibiotics) that he prescribe for me
for 10 days before he can attend to me
and do root canal. which by the way
was 60% off the price.
That is why I am very thankful of him.

So I was not able to hold
on to grabbing  bottle of beer.
and meeting these three wonderful gentlemen,
2 Canadians who are residing in the US for work
 (i hope i got it right it.)
and a german guy,
who does got a lot of questions. unending. LOL!
I was even tempted to have 2 glasses of white wine
which is suggested to us by the lovely Diana,
our server for that night.

So JJ made a one terrible wild night. hahaha!... It's fun though. Who cares! mom is not around to scold me anyway.

and as I have promised I will be
posting my recent pics.
My facial hair pics... hahaha...
I am not gonna scare you
guys don't worry...

And now back to work for a couple of days
here in Burlington, then back again to
the city. I will be attending a two day seminar
for the new volunteers for ACAS.

Hoping to meet new friends and acquaintances
there. And hopefully it will be fun.

and today, we did another new thing
for my boss and he is delighted.
We were able to close the pool.
I never knew such thing is very complicated. LOL!
Chemicals. the pump, the whatever it is that we need to take out and cover. Everything about it. But as I have said, we did it. Another knowledge for the skinny JJ. hahaha... I am gaining weight now. true! i need to go back to 125-130lbs. put on some cheek. and some love handles. hahaha...

HAVE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD FELLOW BLOGGERS! remember, if you feel that nobody cares about you, just close your eyes and think that the insane guy in Burlington cares about you. Send me a message and I will reply ASAP. And if you are going through something, tell me and I will include you in my prayers. God bless!


  1. PareJJ,
    Facial hair, that adds more ump! your appearance. Keep it just like that. Have fun!



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