Monday, October 17, 2011

Second Chance?...

After accepting the fact that it is no longer possible for my ex and me to be together again. I have moved on. and I am fine now although there are still some moments that thoughts of him still visits me. But no worries because I am already ok.

after him, i have been introduced to guys and on my own push met gorgeous and fine men who have the same exact initials with him. and the last one before this guy that i met this afternoon even have the same first name. 

After the hide and seek, as our schedule sucks that we cannot find a time to meet, this afternoon, i finally met this wonderful guy that I have been in constant communication for nearly a month via texting. i thought it's not gonna happen anymore because i was bad last night. and i am very sorry for that. i was waiting for him to tell me that he wanna see me, on the other hand, he was expecting that i will invite him. so getting frustrated and feeling that he is making a lot of alibis just to avoid me, instead of saying good night, i said GOODBYE! 

i already knew he have the same first name with my recent ex and same last name initials, to my surprise, this is very very weird and strange coincidence. You will never believe it guys for sure you haven't heard such a story but... they have exactly the same name... first and last and same middle initial... i was shocked and cannot get my mind out of it. i even thought i sucked with that meeting. so i kissed him before we parted because that might be the first and last time that I am gonna see him. and he kissed back... 
*     *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

oh my fairy god mother
have you forsaken me
or are you playing fun...

or maybe somebody cursed me
and you let it happened.

Is voodoo rituals true 
and someone is playing trick to me...

or maybe this is another chance
for me to make it better
and keep a guy of exact the same name
make him happy
make him at home
make him mine... 
to complete me.

*     *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *
added here is the exchanges of message we have today that led us to meet for a glass of beer...

me  : hi
him : hi
him : ?
me  : walking around...
me  : wandering...
me  : til i am exhausted and dead
me  : lol
him : thought u were leaving by 12
me  : suppose
him : why aren't u
me  : but my boss said I can come by 5pm
me  : had a feeling of LOST
him : oh
him : you werent very nice last night
me  : i know
me  : sorry
me  : tired rich! tired!..
me  : let me realize one thing.
him : ok
me  : made me realized that i sounded begging for attention and that is not me... and im sorry...
him : :-(
him : where r u
me  : queen street
me  : going back to yonge
him : oh ok
him : wanna meet for a little bit
me  : sure
him : where?
me  : up to u
him : wanna go to the village for a beer?
me  : sure
him : any particular place?
me  : i dont know whats open
me  : never been there at this time
him : ok
him : how long will it take to u to get there
him : i have an appt at 3
me  : 15 mins
me  : will take subway to wellesley
him : ok :-)
him : i will walk towards the subway
him : :-)

(that's it and we finally met on the subway station)
(and while seated on a bar & restaurant, forgot the name of the restuarant, it's in the corner or maitland and church, opposite the restaurant that my ex and me use to have dinner, LOL!)

me  : i like ur eyes (they are blue same as my ex's, if i am not mistaken)

(after that, we parted ways, he went for his appointment and I went back home to burlington)
(while on the train)

me  : thank you!.. :-)
him : thank u... i like u
me  : the feeling is mutual mr (his family name)
me  : too short meeting but very meaty... i love that!
him : well it will happen again
me  : looking forward...
him : yes...
me  : :-)
me  : truth, u twisted my tongue and mind... hahaha... i suck with my words
me  : and i was afraid  that i might made a bad impression
him : :-)
him : ur cute
him : haha today? nope
me  : looks? ur hot
me  : lol
him : haha nah
me  : a face that i would love to see before closing my eyes at night and see first in the morning...
him : :-o
him : :-)
him : head smashed in the pillow too?
me  : ur bringing out my poetry
him : hehe is that good?
me  : yes
him : :-)
me  : ur better than the three guys i mentioned 

(FYI, the three options for a boyfriend: Michael Buble, John Barrowman and Seamus O'Regan)

me  : ur real!.. altho im listening to Buble now
him : haha thank u
me  : touching my lips feeling and remembering ur lips
him : haha buble
him : and scratchy goatee
me  : i love his songs and his sexy lips
me  : but...
him : lol
him : but str8 and married
me  : u changed my mind... put me back to reality and made me happy
him : :-) yay
me  : truth when i checked my messages this morning. i kind of upset to myself. 
         and when u replied, i feel good.. thanks
him : :-) good
him : i dont like to argue either
me  : thats good!..
me  : ur making me rest my head on the train window looking at d clouds. 
        imagining how our next meeting will be.
him : :-)
me  : thank u!
him : thank you for meeting me
me  : my pleasure... u r like prince charming waking me up from a long sleep
him : no way
me  : yes way
me  : lol
him : hehe
me  : i like u
me  : i dont kiss a guy on first meetings 
him : have we met previously then?
me  : nope but SOP we did
him : lol
him : :-)
me  : u captured me Mr (his full name which i have said exactly the same with my recent ex)
         u just did...
him : lol
him : JJ take a pic or yourself on the train for me
me  : (took and sent him a pic)
me  : for u mr (family name)
me  : can u send me one too
him : of course
me  : (took another picture and sent him)
me  : another
him : (he sent me picture)
me  : love it!
him : :-)
me  : (sent him a pic that was taken in a photo shop in Taipei)
him : not very candid
me  : i know
him : :-)
me  : thats the pic i used for my canadian and US visa
me  : lol
him : hehe it's very nice

(and i am home in Burlington)

My new self made music video is up, click the link [link] KUMOT AT UNAN
and the new pics at My Amateur Shots [link] Welcome to the Villa


  1. PareJJ,
    Amazing! You make friends easily. How very charming!


  2. nice....perhaps it is more blessing than sounds like a wonderful first meeting and wish you all the more...

  3. @ Pareng Hank, that's a blessing that I am very thankful of. Thank you!

    Pareng JJ

    @ Brian Miller, i hope it will turn out to be like that. I am not ready for another pain, the person of the same name is just ago ago... Thank you very much!



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