Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Shrunk King

The palace has been searching
For someone has been missing
The Queen has been worried
Thinking he could have been abducted
Not knowing they just shrunk the King!

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt #86
Michale Sowa from "The Little King"
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid

H A P P Y       T H A N K S G I V I N G      C A N A D A!


  1. LOL ... oh I did like this! :o)

  2. I hate it when they do that...
    It's so hard to find the bottle marked, "drink me." after all this time.

  3. The King now has all the coffee he can drink! (He could swim in it. Some mornings, I think I need it!)

  4. Hee-hee. Seems everything has been down-sized these days. : )

  5. Now, who would do a thing, like shrink the king?

  6. PareJJ,
    Hilarious! I enjoy this, very good thinking! I wonder if the King had been cast a spell for something bad he did!


  7. Reminds me of 'honey I shrunk the kids' :) I love your blog title. That's going to be my FB shout out this week. (will link u up of course)

  8. Great fun!! and Happy Thanksgiving to you - we celebrated last Friday
    Isabel x

  9. Happy Day- good idea, nice piece! thanks.

  10. Dear JJ: "The Queen has been worried" no kidding! If someone "shrunk" my King, I'd be more than worried too! Fun poem!

  11. sometimes leaders need to be shrunk down to size! Well written-very clever!

  12. cut him down to size have they...i think everyone is wondering where our leaders are these days...

  13. haha, oh i like this.
    i didnt even think to put it that way,
    but you did such a good job!!

    and thank you muchly for your comment.
    i rewrote a part of mine, if you would like to read it again.

  14. Shrunk the King? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!
    How's it going JJ. I haven't visited in a while. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Canadian Style.

  15. How embarassing, the king is greater inside than out... Good thing they shrunk his clothes with him.

  16. They'd cut him down to size, eh? LOL

  17. I wanna say:

    @ Deborah, thank you!

    @ Christopher, LOL! :-) thanks!

    @ li, for sure it's more than that. LOL! Thanks!

    @ thingy, i know.. hehehe! thanks!

    @ Martin, maybe those who would not like the sight of him for awhile. LOL! thanks!

    @ David Allen Waters, I understand buddy... thanks!

    @ Kristen Haskell, thanks!

    @ Pareng Hank, maybe, who knows? hehehe... thanks!

    @ tim, thanks!

    @ Hazel, oh sure, thank you. my pleasure...

    @ Isabel Doyle, thank you maam...

    @ izzy, thank you!

    @ chiccoreal, i know. same here... :-)

    @ Kathe W, thanks for the appreciation! :-)

    @ Brian Miller, i got you sir... thanks!

    @ Sweet Pea, thank you maam for the appreaciation. I will check it out again...

    @ Sir Rick aka Life101, i'm doing good sir. no worries. I know everyone is busy nowadays. thanks for the visit...

    @ spacedlaw, LOL! Thanks! :-)

    @ Trellissimo, LOL! Thanks!...


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