Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Tuesday was full of surprises...

The Canadian Thanksgiving Day will be this weekend.
I really don't know but my life now is
not giving me any chance to complain,
aside from the failed first "interracial relationship"
as how people and him use to say,
everything is just falling into place.

but nevertheless, even that failed
relationship is one thing that I wanna be thankful of.
for what? the happy moments,
the encouragement and push and eventually
i made it, my US Visa.
the generosity, now whenever I am taking pictures,
which is becoming a big part of my hobby...
I remember you bought me that 4G memory card, LOL!
the love, and even the blog life
that I have now, I owe it to him. Thank you!..

so just as I have been telling you. last Saturday
amidst the fun in Downtown Toronto with Mr. R
and his friend. Something happened to me.
One of my front teeth filling was chipped off
after flossing. I forgot about it and because it's 4 degrees
everyone is making a challenge to eat ice cream.
blag! aw! ohhh! I cannot explain how painful
it was. My iPad was so friendly, google a dental clinic
and saw one, emailed and the doctor replied and called
me and so he was able to assist me in getting some
prescription from the closest Pharmacy using the phone.
and Thank you for that too. He even offered to do me
a root canal by only paying the materials he will be
using and some services including xray for a very low low
price than the prevailing price here in Canada. Maybe a 60% off.

And meeting some more friends, who are very warm,
kindhearted and you know the feeling that we just
click right there and there. is something that I have to be
thankful off too. And the three acquaintances I met at
Woody's on Sunday night too. just great! with a swollen face...

So when I went home to Burlington to check on my boss,
and did the closing of the pool, I just saw how the old man
appreciates my just being there. He said, I keep on amazing
him how smart and handy I am. That's my first time to do it, but a little
research on the internet, I made it. Of course through the
physical help of my co-worker, Pat. And that adds to what
I need to be thankful of. And my boss offered to lend me the
money to pay the dentist on a salary deductions of $25/paycheck;
which is every 2 weeks. Isn't that Great. Thanks Boss!

 Just this morning, as I went up to have my breakfast,
my lady boss (daughter of the old man), to whom I am doing
some house managing as how she describes it. saw how aweful
I look. My right cheek is still swollen. She just say, on a higher
pitch than her usual, - JJ, what happened to you? You got an
accident, or somebody hit you? The sound that she is worrying
like my mom. And so I told her about what happened. Without
any word at all. she called her husband, which by the way is
a Doctor. and ask him to call a colleague which is A Dental Surgeon,
in the name of Dr. C. V. Rosenbach, and set an appointment with me.
next thing I knew, the receptionist from the Dental Clinic is calling
my phone and telling me that Dr. Chris will see me at 11am.
My Gosh! I feel like an emergency case here. And I told my Lady
Boss that I don't have the money for it. The sound of the title "Dental
Surgeon" seems to be expensive. She just wave her hand and say
we'll talk about it later, just do what I say and fix this problem. She even woke
up her daughter to drive me to the appointment. Oh my!
She was even a little upset that I did not call or message her
that Saturday night that I am already in great pain. I am so touched!
to be treated as a person is already good. But to be considered
human - is a great thing. I may say, of all the job that I did,
being with this employer is the only job that I can never have
any complain... have you have one like that?
Another big thank you!

So off I went to the appointment. The receptionist is already expecting
me. And as soon as I came in the clinic, the word was, here is the
best guy that Dr.... was telling us, and must be treated nicely. He even
came out of his desk and introduced himself to me. I was so
moved that this family gives high regard of my work for them. and me
as a person. They ask me to fill out some documents and
a lady came to assist me and do the Xrays. I'm still a little apprehended
because I know this is gonna cost me money, big money. but I have             
to have it done. After the xray, the lady who did it ushered me to the
cubicle where Dr. Chris will do whatever... LOL! while waiting, she is
asking me, what do I do for the Dr and my Lady Boss... I told her that
I manages their home. and she was speechless. So I told her specifically
what I do. as in everything. including the Dr's clothes. The doctor has
a reputation on clothes, his father was one of the best haberdasher of
Toronto. So very particular in the care of clothes, and I passed it.
and slowly, she is getting interested in me.  I even told her, what I do for
this couple and the father is not a job to me. This is just like following
my mother's order, house rules and I get paid. Taking care of elder
also is not a chore or job or work. We keep our elders at home and take care
of them 'til their last day on earth. and then Dr. Chris came...
So the Doctor, confirmed that a root canal
must be done. But to my surprise not only one tooth but two. Now I am
shaking. If I cannot afford one, what will the sound of two be? DEATH!

After, the assessment, the doctor left and the assistant is going to explain to me
what will be done in the series of appointment and the estimate of the cost.
truly it is DEATH! hahaha... and that appointment alone is less than a hundred.
for people who are earning much, probably it's ok but for someone like me,
[google how caregivers in canada earn?, i am shy to say the figure] it is too
much... but what do can I do, this needs to be done. So off we go to the
receptionist and cashier to do the appointment for the first session on Thursday
at 10:30 in the morning and pay? OH MY GOSH, PAY! will my credit
card work here? hehehe...

I was at all, SPEECHLESS and SHOCKED and literally a TEAR FALL off
my eyes. when the cashier told me as I am opening my wallet; "Oh no! you
don't need to pay, everything will be handled by your boss." and a note was
given to me, it's a note from my Dr Boss, written "don't worry about the money, it
is just my way of saying thank you for making my household happy, worry free and
organize." That was the greatest thing I have ever heard someone told me.
A thank you is not enough for that...

And about my family. Nothing to complain. The Lord is keeping each and
everyone HEALTHY especially my mother.

and last and not the least, the invitation from another Poetry Prompt.
As you all know, my blogging at the start is not really to be known. It was
my desperate move to get my "Honey's attention!" i cannot say it didn't
work but it did not serve the purpose. he won't even make a comment on
some post that I thought is good. And then, slowly followers are increasing,
then the comments are pouring in, that is so encouraging. and having friends
all over the world. It is just amazing. I know that the limitation I have
to the English language would surely keep me from posting, high sounding
words of poetry, but I just knew that my honesty, sincerity and my plain
me is what people love about my posts. And that is what I am gonna be.
So for that invitation from Bubble Books [link], thank you very much...
the icons that you gave me will soon be posted permanently on my blog.
I just need to do some editing. Thank you very much!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *      *      *      *      *
pictures I took secretly at the Dental Clinic.
As you know I am documenting every
thing that is happening to me here in Canada.
What do we know, maybe one of these days
I will walk the red carpet of
"Canada's Walk of Fame" '
for the best House Manager/Housekeeper
or with your help the "Best Blogger!" hahahaha....
 can you see the swelling? 
that's better than what it looks last sat evening
and sunday morning...

 oh! isn't the male receptionist cute..
I tried to look better even in pain
upon seeing him. hahaha!...
I thought I dropped my new small size underwear... bwahahaha!...
 she did the xray and she is sweet, warm and kind!
an instant friend...
 one of the names listed is my 
doctor boss' name. 
 who never knew. that doctor might be me also... 
i dont even know what those name extensions are... hahaha...
and Dr. C. Von Rosenbach will do my treatment....


  1. PareJJ,
    It is amazing to be given a 'running commentary' of life in Canada. The nearest I got was my visit to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls years ago, even then just a few hours. Great!


  2. wow how cool of your boss...that is awesome...thanks for the insight into your life...i enjoy your works so keep it up...

  3. Tooth pain is the best, hands down. The quality of pain is unmatched, well, maybe an ear ache comes close, but a good old tooth ache wins out every time. OUCH.
    That was very nice of your boss.
    Take care of yourself JJ.

  4. Ah spread goodness wherever you are
    and now it has come back to you
    bless your employer and his daughter...and your mom for raising such a fine son
    happy thanksgiving to you
    I know I am happy to have "met" you
    and I love your English.....don't ever change it

  5. So, ultimately did you have the ice cream in that 4 degree condition? Hope your tooth is well now. Please share some more...


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