Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do I have To Stop or Feel Discouraged?

With all the things that are in mind, my plans and project? I have been thinking about the difference of my situation and life, now and then. "Now", means being here in Canada. And "then", means back when I was still in the Philippines.

I was prompted with this after, I have posted the calling for friends to meet up this weekend to get their ideas and concensus about the proposal, as I have it posted at FB. I wanna gather them and ask for their suggestions and concensus to formulate the plan and presentation that I will be presenting to the housing authority regarding the project "HOME AWAY FROM", a shelter, a decent place or dormitory; that they can consider providing for the foreign workers, who does not have any place to go on their days off, moving from one hostel to another, or surfing couches from people is very exhausting.  And we are sometimes lucky, sometimes not. And if we ever find one, what kind of accommodation is being given.

But in fairness most of them are good, owners are kind and generous. There are people who are very giving, letting them temporary space to rest and have time for themselves. And I wanna thank all of them. But as I was saying a permanent place will be better.

A friend, if he really is, made a comment on that facebook status, "Anong Kaguluhan at Kahibangan eto!" (What is this commotion and Craziness all about?)

And even ask me how am I gonna do it, if I myself is new and I myself have limited resources? Yeah he is right? How am I gonna do it? for two nights now, I have been contemplating on it? assessing and reassing, i guess the sunday prompt for magpie tales and my enterpretation is just timely.

How am I gonna do it? for somebody who is earning less than a couple of thousand a month, less tax. I know it sounds impossible for me to do it. But as I go on, I remember back home when I was what, 23-25yo. I used to ask people, classmates, relatives and friends to donate slippers and when I got 25-30 pairs of them, I will go up the mountain, hiking and camping near the native tribes and distribute them. I know I have made them happy, but they never knew what happiness they have given me. Immeasurable!.. And I misses that.

Yeah, my income is not enough to provide others and my friends the shelter that they need, I cannot even provide for myself; but there are ways. I know there are ways. I know "The One Up There" will guide me to the person or organization who are giving, understanding and like me, wants to help.

So I will never be discouraged. I  am sorry my friend but you do not know me. The more that I am pinned down, the more that I struggle to go, free myself and do it. I maybe new, financially incapacitated compared to you, but I know with the good desire, somebody is out there waiting just to be touched and he will grant my wish. I do not have to  take it away from my pocket. The help will come from people who are good, people who are driven to help. Mine is just to help meet the needy and the people who is willing to help.

Not all of us, but why most people always have to equal help to money? Help does not mean we need to take a portion of our pay check or savings of wealth to help. You can volunteer yourself to an organization. Do a little visit in a nursing home, to talk, help feed and walk the elders. You can volunteer in a day care center and help nourish the kids. An hour or two of your weekly time will not hurt you... Or cause you trouble... If you know poetry or painting or dancing, or playing any sports, you can help volunteer and teach those who are eager to learn. This way you are not only helping them, you are helping yourself. A happy satisfied community, is a happy peaceful community. Let's not wait for these big shots to help us. That won't happen. Mind you!... help is just between and among us.

Ask yourself this before going to sleep, what have I done in my entire life, to help others? It does have to be about money. Did I comforted a weeping or crying friend. Did I for one time lend my ears and shoulder to a friend.Did I ever take that minute or two to assist someone cross the street? Did I cared to vacate my sit for someone?  Face the mirror while doing that. and if you have positively answered yourself. Smile and have a good sleep. But if you have not and you think you need to do something, then, before sleeping think of what you can do.

Love you guys!..

ps. btw, i am here... for whatever? someone you can talk to, spend your time and share ideas. Meet and have coffee. I am just here...

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  1. Awww...hugs. You are such a good person.

  2. Nice one buddy!

    Anyway, would suggest if you would make your page more simple and cool.

  3. @ Michael Offutt, Thank you! Just trying to be.

    @ tim, thanks Tim... I'll try my best on that request buddy...


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