Friday, October 14, 2011

Mornings with Seamus O'Regan

It has been a regular habit to watch the morning news with CTV, because, that's the only date I can have with my third choice for a boyfriend. Of course the first one is Michael Buble [link] who just got married. And John Barrowman [link], second who is also if I am not mistaken, married; and Seamus [link] is my third. Arrange according to first come first serve, I mean who I knew first and not on whatever, great guys... But for sure aside from this is just a dream, it is just impossible for they are happily married. Hmmm! Come on guys! I am better looking And sweet... And insane.. But who knows... we might accidentally bumped on each other and they... whatever... Hahaha...

Anyways, I have been thinking on what to post for nearly three days now. Until this morning on Canada AM, they have this segment on todays show about judgment. The question is, "are we fast enough to judge?" this is actually in relation to the Blackberry failure. Right on.

When I was a little younger, I was one of those who have a lot of things to say about - things, people, invention, etc etc... And then, when I realized that it is not doing me any good at all, and I am beginning to see arch eyebrows from friends, I started, not really, not minding what is happening around me, but I try to learn not saying anything wrong about anything unless, they are directly affecting me or the community, the country or the world I live in.

Anything at all; May it be art, clothings, design of the house, poetry, books, movies, singers and their style. I already said it before in my earlier post, if you don't like it, if you don't need it... Then don't patronize it. But to say something wrong or crazy about it, that is too much. Surely, you are going to regret one way or another, sooner or later for doing so. including me, i will regret if I do.

Everything being introduced is not for everyone. It is just like saying, we cannot please everybody.

First was the Facebook issue, if you don't like it, get out of it. I admire those who never get into it, because, they feel it is not gonna do them any good. and I admire more those, after the so much so so so so of FB, they deleted their accounts. I bet their friends, or colleagues, or families, sighed about it tho. Anyways, that's what they wanna do, so let them do it.

And then after that, there was an issue about sizes of clothings. What is the standard for sizes? I for my own observation and experience; as i am a big shopper... LOL! yes there is a problem on this. Here in Canada, there is only one shop that gives me the right XS that I need. Other brands have bigger XS. but what's the problem. Take your time off, and shop around for the style and size you want. Guys, If you don't wanna wear it, it does not fit you, then don't buy it. Not all clothes is for everyone anyways. Don't blame the designer, the shop or the model...

Then, Singers and their style. If you don't like their music, then, don't buy his or her album. Turn off your radio if they are playing the song on your favorite dial. It is difficult that after hating and saying all of those worst comments to an artist, you will be suddenly surprised by a good one and you will buy or get it. What are you, gaga? (fyi, gaga in filipino means crazy for women and gago for men) Which reminds me of  Lady Gaga [link], who use to be a sore for people who have "good taste" for music, as they say, hates her. She then came out and surprise people with her fabulous and wonderful duet with Tony Bennett. And suddenly everyone gave her a good credit. Although I guess the duet with Michael Buble [link]... Hahaha being bias... I mean the duet with Amy Winehouse [link] is the best on that album.

and then... Before, when Apple is introducing iPhone4, people are saying. "So what are you gonna do with that very expensive item? all i want to have is a texting and calling feature...  Does it make any difference." and so on and so forth. But when Steve Jobs died! A lot of good words describing the guy. That he is a big loss in the industry and so on and so forth.

And now, it's the Blackberry Failure. People calm down... These are man made things, we cannot expect it to be perfect. We are Heavenly Made but, not even one is perfect. There will be a solution. It is not the end of the world. Other units, or models, or brands of cellphone have problems too. I was so ____(out of word) - DUH! when I saw the long line up of people in the Apple Store to get the new iphone because they are what? getting rid of their iPhone4, which by the way is not so old model and their Blackberries. I'm confused I thought there is poverty.

Mind you, not even our poems, our literary things here, even this post, is not for everyone. Maybe out of ten who will reads this, if ever there will be, I will be lucky to get 1 approval. Yeah, it's not OK but it's alright, because that's how it is. Besides, we see things in different angles. Sometimes, we thought our post is good but it proves to be  NOT, and those that we thought are CRAP proves to be the other way around.

Actually even HOLIDAYS! come on... we view it on different perspective. Others like it, others don't. Others have a good experience of it and others don't. So keep our own view about it and talk about our thought of it, on our own perspective and not criticize others for beng so negative or positive about it. Or make a comment as how you look at it but, don't question his or her idea about it... That's his/her...

Once an old friend told me, stop blogging about your frustrations, your fights, your complain, etc etc. I think it proves to be right. True my friend, the whole world is already full of it... But i don't find anythng wrong with expressing your negative thoughts about it as long as it is not destructive to others. On way or another, it surely depends on the reader.

The thing is... As long as it is not affecting your life, your community, the world we live in... just let it be... Remember we dont know what future may bring... What if the thing or the person we are avoiding, or hate, maybe, is the key to our happiness or save us surprisingly or unexpectedly If you dont have anything good to say, then (sorry for this) SHUT UP! I better be facing the mirror after posting this so I can tell myself that... Hehehe... I have a feeling this post somehow is a complain or i do not know... hahaha!..

My mother, teachers, mentors and so on and so forth, use to tell me... DO NOT POINT JJ, see your hand when you are pointing.

it is either this:

or this:

see how many fingers is pointed towards others... ONE

see how many fingers is pointed either upward or downward, ONE

What blaming HIM? Oh come on, HE gave you your head to think and decide...
or downward; what? blaming that guy down there, you better be careful... LOL!

and see how many fingers are pointed at you, THREE...

So Think about it...

Did I make any sense on this?... scattered thought.... simply shows that my mind is empty... I hope the weekend will bring me some good experiences and inspirations.

Have fun this weekend my fellow bloggers. LOVE YOU ALL! TAKE CARE!

Btw, i will be meeting a friend this weekend. He has a good news for me. Oh please no. Not this time. I am not ready to get married yet. Hahaha... Just joking!.. And this weekend will be very busy starting tonight. Lots of activities, including that fundraising marathon on sunday. Im not running, we will just be there to cheer the runners. And to take some pictures. Plus, R invited me to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit... Oh my honey, wish you are here, i know how you love seeing ones like this. Will you come and let's view it together? Please?.. I know, i'm insane...

another BTW, my new post for my My Amateur Post is on [link] Thanksgiving Walk Part III


  1. ParengJJ,
    You talk sense. It's all up to each of us. If we don't like it, we're not to be bothered. All up to us! If others like them, let them be. Yes!


  2. Wow! You wrote a lot to get my arms around. The iPhone thing is a good point, but I still plan to upgrade later this year. I reconcile this in my head as that I do a lot of volunteer work and I hope that balances out my urge to have the latest phone.
    The blame game is a hard one for everybody. It's just so much easier to put the blame for things that go wrong on others. As you point out, more often than not, I must take responsibility for much of the blame on anything that happens because were are where we are because of the decisions we make.
    Good post.

  3. You talk wonderful sense here, a great post! :o)

  4. you make perfect snese my friend, it really is up to each of us :)

  5. The Leonardo DaVinci; at the AGO? Lucky! Keep on keeping on and I like your posts, really cool and how you put a blockquote in there! Very pro! Have a lovely weekend JJ!

  6. live and let live. oh it's the first time that i'm hearing of the tony bennett duets. searched them on youtube and loved them!

  7. nice...i hear you...i am def a man of opinions and dont mind sharing mine...i have an eclectic music taste though...i like it each their own though...

  8. you really make a lot of sense my friend...goes to show that your mind is not empty. never a dull moment with you, even in your blog..i just love this post..


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