Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update JJ! Update please?...

This is the text message that my friends have been sending me this morning... Ok! Here it is...

Since my date is at 7pm. Giving no more time to shower and freshen up after the end of my volunteer job for the Korean Festival at 6pm, I have myself dressed up. Not every plan came as planned, good that I went early. The subway is not operating from bloor station to north york. So i have to transfer from street car to subway, to the bus, and back to te subway.

Huh! Wish my date will not smell the dust and dirt of the street. I have prepared for this and I will never ever let things like this to mess up everything. I even reviewed current events, the business section and the canada government (exaggeration!). So that whatever question that come my way, I can answer them in a smart way. Chozs!

But first thing first.

I arrived an hour and a half to the venue. The oark in front of Toronto Center for the Arts. Huh! I remember this place. This is where me and my whatever - went to see The Jersey Boys! Since it is Korean Festival, what would you expect. Chinese people... Hahaha! Just joking, of course Korean. Seywon the coordinator is very charming, just right for her job. And the other girl that i forgot the name was very pleasant. They seem to know what they are doing. I am actually at lost. Anyway, I am confident that i look good and I am up for the first day of my volunteer job. Asians, a lot of Asians. Different eye shapes. If you are good in them, you will know if they are chinese, Koreans, Indians, Flipinos, and etc. Etc.

I just found out that the youth, ages 10 to 22 are more aware of HIV/aids than the older ones. And they are very eager to know what it is all about. The olds, are very hesitant to talk about it especially if they are hearing the word sex. Slowly I am getting into the system. And I like it. Seywon on our way home told me that she think I am just right for the job.

So off I go after we went back downtown. Proceeding to the place where we are going to meet. Queen's Street near his place. I even went to a perfume store pretending to be buying just to have the chance to spray some on me. Hahahaha... But it worked though. So I feel complete. Going on a date will never be complete without a handkerchief and a spray of a perfume.

He waited for me at the door of the restaurant. As i have expected I am impressed of the choice of place, and he is very well dressed. His black shirt just matched my maroon shirt. We are both in jeans and black leather shoes. The food? Excellent. He knew what to order. Even the drinks. Everything is just like how expected it to be.

We started our talk by exchanging complete names. Hahaha... True to what most people would say; he told me I look a little bit chinese, my full name is very spanish but i am filipino. Told him, that's what it is. Take it or leave it. He laughed, my gosh! What a nice set of teeth. Love it.

We both presented ourselves like we are selling somethng in the market. And that made me kind of feeling crazy... Behind my mind, I am thnking, am I trying to impress him so he will like me as a boyfriend to be? I myself is not yet ready for another boyfriend after what happened. Cannot be. Just as i have told in my past post, love on a rebound does not do me any good.

So spontaneous as I am, i was able to change the topic and make it lighter. We stated talking about funny moments. My first arrival in Canada. First camping. First visit to Niagara Falls. And so and and so forth. Told me that it seems like I am fun to be with. Hopefully! Hahaha... But the chances of talking about personal life and family and work is still there.

Then we transferred to another place. His favorite jazz bar on the same area. I am impressed. It is not that formal but the crowd is good and the music is great. I never knew this area to be fun. Im always used to be at church street. Now at least I knew another street to hang out. He seem to know everything about me.

It was such a great time that I dont want it to end. He is a good person. Very sensitive, gentle, kindhearted and very sweet. Patay ako sa ganyan! Hehehe... We walked around 10 minutes to his apartment. It was nice, decent and good choice of furnitures - clean and organize. I love it! Hahaha... He asked me if I Wanna have something. But I was so bloted with all the beer that I have so i opted not to have any. After about 30 minutes, I told him, I think we have to call it a night. Besides I have to attend the Sunday mass at 10am with some friends. He offered to take me home. I am really impressed - Very well organized man.

So by 2am I am already in front of my friend's apartment building. Curious as i am, I told him that I was impressed on how he planned the night just to get a reaction. He smiled and say - I am reading your blog everyday before doing anything on the computer. I know what can make you happy. And he smiled. Oh those beautiful set of teeth again... And with that, I just shake my head slowly and say nothing. Kissed me goodbye and...

Can i see you again... Regularly...

I nodded, smiled and kissed him back... Mmmmm... Super kilig! For sure!.. I will be seeing him again.

Just got a text...
i have a follow up date



  1. A bit of research helps! He seems serious, but as you know, for your success and happiness, your choice of a partner is the MOST important decision you will ever make. Take care.

  2. @ Stafford Ray, i think he is... Thank you fro dropping by...

    @ The Gooseberry Garden, thank you!


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