Thursday, September 1, 2011

I miss it again

back to work today. why do i always miss the long weekend. Every time this is happening I am always going back to work. For sure there will be a lot of things going on. My friends in Toronto are already sending me message to join them in their house parties. It's crazy. Anyway, I already have a great 5 days. now back to work. Anyways, money is more important esp for someone like me who is earning a little.

as soon as I arrived home my boss told me that it seems like I've never been or still sad or lost of love because the all of my flowers in the garden are blooming.

 Leonardo, the guy who have kept me company for three weeks of sadness...
 and this is me... 

even this beauty. that i have resurrected from the dead. it bloomed while i was on my weekens off....

there are more pictures but too much to post here. check it out on my facebook. and yes those new friends that i have met during the weekend. pictures are uploaded on facebook already...

praying for more nice and beautiful things to come not only for me but for everyone special to me.

it's true, positive thoughts attracts positive things...

love you all...


  1. You have a green thumb mister. Sorry you're going to miss the long weekend.
    I'm unfamiliar with that last flower. What kind is it?

  2. i agree with life 101. you really have a green thumb! and that dog is soooo cute!


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