Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Take A Moment To Teach...

When I was in high school, I was one of the student leaders who is a member of the student mentors. This is the school program for high school and college students who in the absence of the teacher; whenever they have emergency meetings or activities, the student mentors will take over their classes in respective subjects that we are assessed to be capable of handling.

Modesty aside, I am always assigned to handle Math, English and Religion for grades 3 to 6, ages between 9 to 12. Although I hate the first one - I got no choice!, the second subject is an interest, because I am learning as I am teaching them which I haven't perfected until now (LOL!), but the third one was a shock.

I don't know what happened to sister principal that I was included in teaching that subject. I would rather have RECESS or LUNCH.. hahaha...

Anyways, I am not going to discuss Math or English for this post because it will not only be boring for everyone but I might get your grammar twisted or I might made you cry by teaching you how to compute your income in relation to your debts and expenditures; and you crucify me later. So, I would rather go discuss something that I always tell the elementary kids whenever I have to take over the subject that is shocking to me.

There are only three beautiful lines that I think should be taught to kids. In my own opinion, these phrases are the very basics of everything. Just this afternoon while ordering coffee from Starbucks, I overheard two parents talking about their kids and the shocking line that I heard was - "Oh! kids these days love to disrespect!" I was too disappointed hearing that. 'Though I must agree that is a reality.

Ok, the first one that I want to teach children is the line - I LOVE YOU! for children to learn the value of I love you, would teach them the value of respect. Although for adults maybe I love You cannot guarantee that they would also have respect; but the little friends we have would surely develop in their minds and in their hearts that they are not suppose to hurt the ones that they love, and by that, they would develop to respect one another.

And teach them the value of saying "I Love You" as often as they have the chance to say it. Why? One, it makes someone happy. Two, this might be off for a lot of people, but I don't want to hear people regretting and saying the words - I haven't told him/her that I love him/her and now he/she is gone... It happened to me. Because my father is not showy of his affection, I cannot remember that we have said that to each other. And it is very sad for me.

The second is the line - I AM SORRY! This line teaches humility and simplicity! For somebody to recognize that he made something wrong that could have hurt and made someone feel bad is a great thing. At present time, most often than not; in every situation everyone has the tendency to knock one another just to be somebody or to be the person he/she wants to be. Is that the right way of doing it? I don't think so.

By teaching the kids to accept that they did something wrong and they need to apologize, they would grow up knowing that to hurt somebody physically; especially, emotionally is not healthy. Sorry may not put back things the way it was before but for both parties it is a good start to be civil with one another.

Simplicity, of course yes! If someone is too proud of himself, he will never ever say I am sorry though he/she knew that he/she is already stepping on somebody.

The third one is THANK YOU! A child who knows how to say thank you for everything that he/she have will teach him to be contented of what is being given to him/her. The child who knows the value of the line would always be grateful. In the process, the child will learn how happy or good to receive something; and in the long run he will surely learn the value of giving because he himself knew the value of receiving. Agree?

But of course these are just my opinion. And these are just the basics. There are still a lot of things that must be incorporated to make the value formation of the child well as they grow old.

As for me, I don't mind saying I Am Sorry. And I am very good in saying thank you! and I will always be very generous in saying I LOVE YOU!..

So.... I love you everyone and Sorry if I have hurt you... And thank you for being always there for me... 

God bless everyone!..

Anyway, If you are to teach someone, what would you teach?
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My nephew, Urs Charles Johann
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  1. What an awesome post, and I agree. I think these are important things that all children should grow up knowing.

  2. Saying "I'm sorry" is probably one of those most difficult things to teach; also, the most important, as it forces one to accept responsibility and face consequences. I would add that it also important to teach how to accept an apology; to do it simply and gracefully, and then forgive, instead of trying to make the person who made the mistake feel even more humiliated or keep bringing it up all the time!

  3. @ Heather Henry, thank you for the visit, for following and for the appreciation...

  4. li, wonderful follow-up on my post. I love it! Well said maam.

    Thank you very much!

  5. Nice. Before, I have this ultimate dream of becoming a music teacher. My motto was "I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony." And yes, it came from a song, hehe.
    But kidding aside, indeed, teaching the young is a very noble thing to do. And not just on academics, but more importantly lessons in life. ;D

  6. Pare JJ,
    A write up so direct and so sincere. It got us thinking what went wrong and what we could have done better if given the chance to do it again. You've stated it most profoundly. We'll never go wrong when we go back to basics.


  7. What an inspiring post....just love you blog JJ Roa! :-)

  8. Jj you are a wise one
    and your nephew is adorable

  9. i love this post jay! thanks for true and inspiring! those were the 3 of the 4 lines i taught my children when they were kids. the 4th one was "excuse me" 15 month old grandson, uno, knows how to say i'm sorry now..

  10. Thanks for coming by my blog. Three truly important phrases children should know and use frequently (adults too). Your nephew is adorable. Have a great weekend. Mickie:)

  11. @ Desole Boy, given a chance it will always be the things the thngs that i will be teaching the kids. In those lines that we are raising every son and daughter, every nephew and niece in the family. Thank you!

    @ Pareng Hank, seing your posts about your kids, i guess you did good and doing your best for them.. Thank you for believing in this.

    @ Carrie Burtt, thank you very much ma'am. I am honored!

    @ Suz, my fairy blog sister, thank you very much! Yes he is... The youngest in my family.

    @ Jeanette, thank you very much for the kind words and your follow-up and that 4th line is surely needed. Hope we can all turn back things into the basics.

    @ forgetmenot, thank you very much.

    Guess guys we knew what we need t do. Hope everybody is o e with us in this. Love you all.. Take care!

  12. I never was much good in math. You know the old saying -- There are three kinds of people in this world. Those good with numbers, and those who aren't.

  13. @. sir Rick, so what's the third one? Hahaha... Thanks!

  14. Dear JJ: Definitely! "I Love You, I'm Sorry, and Thank-you" are those three little phrases that can change the world. Please and Thank-you with Love and I'm Sorry is polite and mannerly and I love how polite and mannerly you are in your posts...would love to learn anything you want to teach me. Go ahead I'd be your test! jj2


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