Friday, September 9, 2011

My New Job Status

This is the continuation of the meeting that me and my boss have.

So i was requested to come early next week for work. I was actually very happy of what the reason is. My lady boss told me that since my driving lesson is now done, they have decided that if in case i will pass the road test, they will be buying a car. A car for my own use. They needed one for my lady boss' business and for my boss for going and attending his appointments. It will be very convenient for all of us than calling a cab.

And that she said, i can come and go whenever i want as long as i have all the work done for the day. What a sigh of relief. At least now i can see a little freedom. I need to do it with my road test.

Secondly, my boss tied up with another businesswoman in downtown toronto. And since i have background in management and sales, she is promoting me to a new job. She have me work for her for two days there. Meaning i will be having 4 days in toronto. Yehey! Sounds good. And a little raise on my salary plus travelling allowance.

so my week will be, 2 days to Sir M as a reliever to his caregiver, a day at the big house; before i manages it all by myself, now there is a cleaning lady for two days, i just need to supervise her. they just love the way i do my house chores. and two days at her shop in Toronto, and the remaining two days, I will be spending it doing some community service.

I am very happy that I was gladly accommodated this morning. and i'm hoping for a wonderful time with them doing the community service.

By the way, i was released early today for my weekend off because of the difficult shift i have for the last three days.

So here i am in toronto, on the top most of the building that a friend owns and invited me to live with him 4 nights a week. He told me he is sad living there by himself. having a company for four nights will be great. 3 days he have it for his own privacy. glad everything is falling into place now.

We are enjoying the sun beside the pool...

Thank You God!


  1. Oh Jj I am so happy for you
    and I know you deserve all the good that has returned to you
    and...I like your eating plan....thanks

  2. Pare JJ,
    You are set buddy. Everything seems to be going your way. A nice guy deserves all nice things! Others are happy having you around. Great!



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