Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cinnamon... and whatever...

last night after cleaning the dining room and doing the dishes. Oh yes! I love doing the dishes manually. I don't know but I feel like its cleaner when I am doing it myself than having it on the dishwasher. Or probably it is just because I am used to it for we cannot have one, I mean the dishwasher; when we were kids. For one, there is no 24 hour supply of electricity. and two, my parents would surely not gonna buy it having 8 kids, them, cousins who are at home staying as house helps. Its gonna be like 4 times a day for the dishwasher. LOL!

back to the story... so I went up to my room and prepare to take a warm shower. Oh again! I don't mind what weather it is, I make sure that I do shower at least twice a day. One in the morning after breakfast and after doing all the chores. I am a morning person. No matter what time I went to bed I will surely be up by 5:30 - 6am. Right honey? You always ask me what I am doing as early as that. I'm watching you sleep. hahaha... Joking! Or if I have an appointment I do jump in the shower. And again, one before sleeping. I find it hard to sleep if I am not showered. So whenever somebody would come over, I am ready... Well?... LOL!

back to the story... And so I have heard that my boss' girlfriend is going to bake some apple cupcakes for her students. These students are the new comers in Canada. Mostly Chinese, Koreans, Indians and Vietnamese. I once tried to go and enquire if I can also attend school. I know going to classes like that would surely enhance my English Powers. hahaha... So off I went for the interview bringing my credentials as part of the requirements. When I went in, there are three interviewers there. One, very gorgeous lady, ah that smile. She is just stunning. I did not pick her up. She's the girlfriend of my boss. hehehe... The other lady on the left, is s typical teacher. How am I gonna describe her. Plain, no make up. Pile of papers on top of her desk. I did not pick her too. The one in the middle is so charming, nicely dressed and I can hear from 5 meters away how he delivers the line. I said to myself, perfect... I go for that. Yeah! He is handsome...

so on and on, we went for the interview. In some point, I just noticed that he is no longer asking me questions, he is just letting me talk and so on and so forth. Until the time that I observed the two ladies on the side, are looking at me. So I graciously stopped and look at him. The next word that came out of his kissable lips was - you don't need it. So I ask, what is it that I don't need? He replied to be in an English Class. You are okay, the only problem is, you should talk slowly. At that moment, my boss' girlfriend excuse herself and say - see JJ, I told you. your English is ok. But I don't want to stop you from coming here because I know you need someone aside from me to tell you that, to build your confidence. Anyways, it was fun. I ended up having lunch with the three of them. And he is really charming and ow! that perfume. I tried all the perfumes in a scent store but cannot find it...

back to the story... so I went up to my bed and check my "facebook". just wondering maybe there is another message concerning old pics that I have posted. While doing so, I heard my boss saying, "Open the windows and doors. make sure that the exhaust are turned on. And tell him to wear a mask and don't come out of his room." Hearing so, I hurriedly put my clothes back on and as I am to open my bedroom door to check on them downstairs, my boss' girlfriend was on my door telling me. Stay Inside. We were very sorry, we forgot that you are allergic to cinnamon. we are baking some apples and there is cinnamon in it. Oh! what a relief for me that there is no emergency. So I was locked up in my room 'til all the smell downstairs are gone. Oh yes! I am allergic to the smell, it gives me rashes when I have it on my skin and of course if I accidentally eat or drink anything with Cinnamon.

And so I have learned that this is not really rare but not a common thing. Am I making sense on that line. LOL!

btw, how did I learn that I have allergies on Cinnamon. Here it goes? I dated a good chef when I was 26yo. If my deteriorating memory will serve me well. So after the dinner, the drinks on his favorite bar; we went to his place. Oh! he was informed by my very good friend that I am particular about cleanliness at home. So I guess he is to impress me. So Off I go. The house is not as big as my parents house with 6 bedrooms. Remember we are 8 siblings. But it is well kept. I love it when people does not have so much stuff in their homes. When there are a lot of things going on, I don't find it pleasing anymore. Minimalism (is this right/) is what I always love in a house. That every part of the house must only have one focal point. And I love open concept. Not in relationships though... LOL!

back to the story... so after being seated, he offered me coffee. He knew I love coffee. Made a research. Kind of flattering anyway. Wow! I never had a coffee like that. I am used to our locally produced coffee - Kapeng Barako from Batangas. It has cream on top... So I started sipping... minute every minute I can feel like my ears are itchy, my eyes are bulging, my whole being is itchy... hahaha... and to make it worst, I am having dyspnea (shortness of breathing). and before I knew it, off we are to the hospital. Funny thing is... It was not my being in the hospital for "almost to die situation" that people and friends are talking about the next day, but it was dating that guy that they are talking about. Oh! yes... he is a good catch. He became a very popular actor in the Philippines. hahaha... no jokes!

Oh this post just showed I woke up with empty head... Thanks for reading my friends... Love you all! Take care!

btw, it's gonna be an exciting weekend for me. Remember my date? as if anyone cares... LOL! well. received a text from an unknown number introducing herself to be a friend. And since R is always talking about me, they are all curious to meet me. so who I am to say no... I would love to be introduced to friends... it's awesome! so it will fill my weekend...

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I just wanna add this to today's post. Check the blog 
"Food For Our Souls" blog. 
This is what I am reflecting on this week.

One, Actions without Words are confusing.

Two, words proclaims the action.

Three, words without action is meaningless.

Rev. Fr. Val G. R. Rodriguez
on his homily for the 
26th Sunday in ordinary time
September 25, 2011


  1. I always do my dishes by hand as well, I have not turned my dishwasher on in over is almost like meditation :)

  2. PareJJ,
    I never would have thought one can be allergic to it. It is discovering it in such a manner makes it frightening.Luckily it was not life threatening, it could have been worst!


  3. @ David Allen Waters, good for you... At least I'm not alone... LOL!

    @ Pareng Hank, yes they say it's really is rare... I was actually tested thrice. Once in the Philippines after that incident, second in Taiwan when I went their for work. and Third here in Canada. Even the doctor and the MedTech told me, I am their first.

  4. ...jay, i just love reading your stories and i like your style in writing. when i read it, it's as if i am listening to you in person. namiss ko tuloy mga kwento at kakikayan mo. haha..

    no need to worry about your english dear because you have a good command of the language.

    take care..

  5. oy on the cinnamon and what a way to find made me laugh as well always goign back to the story...have a lovely weekend...

  6. Sarap pa naman nyan. Ako dami allergy parekoy!

  7. your life should be a TV show

  8. @ Brian Miller. thank you sir!

    @ tim, I know. I have tasted it anyways before I fainted. LOL!

    @ Suz, my sister, it will be a full of fun, love, tears, drama, action, R, and gonna be a long running show. Not mentioning the lessons of the UPS and DOWNS. It would surely be fun... Thank you for that, that's a compliment.


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