Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Blue Bin Please

when you feel like
i am no longer of use
and the love you have for me
when you first saw me
is already gone...

if you don't have a place
to put me up
to keep me clean or
where i can be at least seen

would you be kind enough
to pitch me to the blue bin!

someone might have
the heart
to pick me up and
either, clean me,
recycle me...

or best
if he transform me
into something
new, and useful.


  1. Pareng JJ,
    Beautiful poem! Reminding the inconsiderate who just didn't bother to use the bins. You did it in a classic style of pleadings by the bin! Great!

  2. I try to be a blue-bin guy, but I sometimes come up short. It's not easy recycling here where I live because there are no centers close by.
    Good job buddy.

  3. @ Pareng Hank, thank you very much.

    @ Sir Rick, I understand... and thank you!

    @ Sean, thanks for the comment and visit.


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