Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The week that was...

I must say that for the last 14 months of being here in Canada, last weekend is the most rewarding one.

The outreach program that I did meant a lot to me... Although it was only for three hours, the joy that I got from it is priceless. I must say that finally I am really back to what I am used to do back home. The connection that I made to the two ladies that was with me during the Korean festival had been a very good opening for this new endeavor. The exchanged of thoughts, the quick good rapport and the cute jokes we have are wonderful...

And the way they welcomed me for this outreach was truly amazing... Two young ladies who both have great personalities and their drive to help people is awesome. In this that I can say, I was right in joining this organization... and I am up for more of their activies..

You may browse them and check out what the organization was for -

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And the meetings/dates that I have the past weekend was kind of a reassurance for myself, it once again lifted me up. That there are something good there waiting for me.

I got two more Filipino blog friends that are now Facebook friends. Having them made me feel connected to my home land. Very good wonderful young men.

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and to add to my happiness, see how these roses welcomed me home. my boss keep telling me, "something wonderful is happening and coming your way... your roses are telling me signs..."

will post more of the weekend pictures and these blooms on my - My Amateur Shots blog...

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and as added bonus for accepting my added task of checking the outlet in Downtown Toronto, and my being always in Toronto, my Doctor boss is giving me series of Hockey Tickets up to December... He said, you are up to new things... Here is something more. Guess! I need to study the game and find dates so it would be exciting. Tickets are for two anyways. Anybody up to accompany me and help me learn. YAHOO!..

more later.. need to do my work first... LOL!...

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend and seem very upbeat - and that you now have some more ties to your homeland. :-)

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Jj....blessings to you
    glad you found a cause you love to be involved with
    those roses are
    isn't it getting cold up there?

  4. @ li, thank you...

    @ David Allen Waters, yes it is indeed. thanks!

    @ Suz, it is slowly getting cold up here now...


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