Friday, September 30, 2011


As I am planning for my forthcoming home visit next year. I decided that aside from the one that I am currently saving on my existing account, I might as well open another account with another bank that would automatically take a portion of my small salary every two weeks and I will have it in a Savings Passbook instead of using an bank card. So that it will not be an easy access to me. Does this mean I am admitting that I don't have control in spending. hahaha...

Anyways, so I go to the bank this afternoon. As soon as I went in, there are two bank staff in the reception area, one male and one female and they are busy talking to each other, never minding me standing right in front of them. I was annoyed. Do I have to wait for this other lady to come closer so I can ask her if she works for the bank. And so she is. Told her if who do I need to see for me to open a Savings Account. She told me she would look if there is one available and ask me to be seated and she will be back. The two other staff are still busy talking nonsense.

While seated, there are coming and going of bank staff that are just talking about whatever and not about work for I can hear it clearly. Too annoying. Nobody can assist me but what the (sorry for the word) hell! are these staff doing. The lady did not come back. It is already about thirty minutes and I am really getting "annoyed to the max", giving these people look that shows I am getting irritated but it seems like they are not bothered or cared about me. Maybe I am not worth anything to them.

Until a lady came out of the small cubicles which by my own assessment is probably one of the officers of the bank. I gave her a look that for sure caught her attention. So she came and introduced herself and ask me if I am waiting for someone. I gave her a look and a fake smile , and said yes I am waiting for someone to come back and tell me if there is somebody who can help me. It seems like everybody is busy, (glancing at then two now four staff standing at the reception area talking and laughing) that I was left out waiting here not knowing if I can be attended to.

She immediately apologizes and ask me what I am there for. I told her that I want to open an account. A Savings Account. She asked me to go with her in her office and she will do it for me. Seeing her nameplate, I automatically told her, "Oh no maam. I am not here for a big account. I am just here to set aside a portion of my little salary to guarantee me of money for airfare and pocket money for my visit to the Philippines next year." Her eyes grow big with delight and told me, "the more that I want to help you set this account."

So we went in her office. The name plate was confirmed by the plate on her door and her desk. Senior Account Officer. She had all the docs prepared and ask me for my Identification Cards. I handed her my Passport and Driver's License. While doing so, she was asking me, rather interviewing me. What my job is, who I am working for, When did i come to Canada, and so and so forth. The conversation became more friendly and on we go to how life is back in the Philippines and ho do I compare it to my life here.

Of course, I told her about my future plans. How simple it is and how am I working on it. (please refer to my previous post, hahahaha)... She is listening to me attentively. With her casual nods and yes and you're right. She then let me sign some documents and while I am doing so, she told me. You know what, I think I have to introduce you to my children. It seems like my children does not appreciate what they have and they are not looking forward for a happy, simple life ahead. They will for sure learn something from you. She even showed me their pictures. And seeing them, I think I would go for it. They are adorable... hehehe...

She took my number and email address. I even gave her my blog.. told her you will learn about how crazy I am by reading some of my post. How I kill people, how I eat them and how I stalked ex-bf. Ad she laughed. We laughed together...

The account was set-up. And she told me, I probably have a good credit record for my being here for 15 months and I ask her why she said so. She showed me some figures written on the papers that she is handling me while saying - she these figures, it's higher than the normal rates that we give, maybe your credit rating is good that is why the company is giving you this. You have Visa? I said yes. That is why. Keep it up and you will be good. I just give her a smile and thank you.

Before leaving the her office, she told me. Don't worry JJ, those people outside would surely hear something from me. So off we went to the teller for the initial deposit that I am making. My Lottery winnings. hahaha... just joking.

Her last words after the handshake was, I am very lucky that they did not give you time and I got you. For the last 28 days of this month, I think my conversation with you is the best one. And made me feel lighthearted. Bye JJ! hope you'll take time to meet my sons! There you go..

In my mind I told myself - wasn't that something?...

And on my way home, I pass this church with this sign:

Your self worth 
is way more important that your
Net Worth!...

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Off I go to meeting Mr. R's friends.
Oh by the way,
don't ask for his initials. 
I almost fainted when I got his full name.
exactly the same. 
if only you have access to my facebook,
you'll see it there. hahaha...
Gave me a good laugh. 
he asked why?
I just shook my head and smile.
What a great coincidence.
Even the cars plate number
my initials and add ur family name initial ex-honey...
why?... I don't know... hahaha...


  1. you are really one great guy jj...people are drawn to you...i am happy for you..
    take care..

  2. hi jj. glad to know that everything turned out for the better - being served my an even more qualified person and you even gained a friend! i wonder about the poor working attitude of those staff, esp. with the layoffs in the banking industry worldwide.

  3. Jj..I am so glad to be your blog sister...I liked you from the very first post I read..
    you are wonderful to kind and sensible too....keep saving that money

  4. @ jeanette, thank you my friend...

    @ Sean, i know. i just don't get it. Thanks!

    @ Suz, it is my pleasure. Just trying my best to be simple, kind, honest and be the good person i can be.

  5. PareJJ,
    Your maintain your principles, for savings is a good habit. Many get off track with credit cards and suffer alone. Not many plan ahead like what you are doing. Keep at it! Cheers!



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