Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook and Friendster update

In a span of one month there had been a lot of changes. I think i need to update my facebook and my friendster. Some info are no longer right and true. Hahaha...

There had been a lot of pictures and posts that i wanted to upload but i was so hesitant. But now i believe there is no more reason why i should not.

And i have to check all the friends' requests. Real life friends and blog friends are emailing snd texting me that i haven't accepted their request yet... So the next days, will be dedicated to uploading the old pics that is long due, and post some updates inclusing my status. Hahaha... And checking and accepting friends' requests.

Still accepting... Hahaha...

Btw, my gosh! What happened to the weather. It's quite cold today...


  1. i tried searching for you on FB but could not find you; just your blog comes up! please inform! i want to add you!jane jones/chiccoreal

  2. oh my pleasure to have you on my facebook. Jj Roa Rodriguez with email add:

  3. Pare JJ,
    Another one of the media items to keep one busy. I dabbled a bit on FB earlier on. But somehow I neglected it just as you did. I may have to do the same to update them every now and then!



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