Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is the best Facebook Account Wall Post I like!...

Let's take a moment to laugh...

taken from the wall of my friend:


On September 30th, 2011 Facebook
will start charging you for your account.
To avoid this, you MUST get NAKED,
stand on your dining room table
and do the Macarena, all the while singing
”I Will Survive”.
After filming and posting it to your Facebook wall
and YouTube,
then, and only then, will
Mark Zuckerberg
come down your chimney to tell you
that your account will stay free.
Pass it on, it must be true
because someone on Facebook
I hardly know told me ;)

Dulce Amor: I've been sitting in front of my computer naked for quite some time now just to be safe. Since I'm in Wisconsin and it's getting pretty cold out can you tell me when I can get dressed and give up? I don't think Mark will ever make it here unless he's like Santa and can stop time..........................................................

CGL: naaliw ako sobra kasi sa dami ng mga hoax messages about facebook starting to charge for an account. this one is a breather! LOL

Jaypee Fazoli: Mas type ko mag Lambada, pwede bah? EHEHEHEHE Haaaaaay, makapag labada na nga, magkukula pa ako eh AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh facebook... recently you have made me LMAOL!... secrets!... secrets!... two smart new young fellow friends were able to dig out pics that i posted before and the comments were funny... Hahaha...

Btw, my second personal music video is up to my mis canciones blog. Hahahaha... Please it is all for fun.


  1. PareJJ,
    I don't think FB will be charging. They'll lose membership. If they do a number of guys will still be in front of their computers in Wisconsin freezing!


  2. That gave me a laugh :-)) Fortunately, i'm not on facebook so I can keep my clothes on!

  3. this is really funny jay! i wonder where did these fb messages come from...

  4. ok. i'm shedding my clothes now.

  5. I stuck that onto my status today - it received lots of funny comments.

    Still haven't posted the video on FB or Youtube but I've got another 30 hours right?

  6. @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, for sure. the only thing they can do perhaps is limit the functions for free members. Or you are right, maybe even its freezing esp now that autumn is here, there will be a lot of guys naked in front of their computer. Thanks!

    @ David Allen Waters, it sure is... LOL!

    @ li, good for you. I have to. it's the way I can cheaply communicate with my million fans and relatives all over the world. LOL!

    @ Jeanette, i got it from Chona...

    @ Sean, can I have a view?

    @ jane.healy, it surely will be.. thanks!


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