Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 more days

It has been so traumatic for me since yesterday. I just can wait for sat to come so i can at keast relax my mind and my heart before going back to work on monday. It os hard when a family like this is so close to each other. When something happens to any family member they are all affected.

I have to accompany my boss today to the funeral parlor to set up all the things. Oh my i am practically oreparing myself for whatever may happen...

Oh Lord bless this family esp my good boss.

Ill sure make a lot of thinking and assessment on my weekend off....


  1. Whoever that family is, may he rest in peace. Thank you for dropping by my blog. :)

  2. Jj..we;'ll be with you in spirit
    take care of your boss
    so sorry for his loss
    and be careful on the weekend

  3. I can't imagine losing a son. I'm guessing there is no pain to equal it.
    Try to help your boss as much as you can.

  4. May god bless your boss and you....

    With Love, Sandra Azwan

  5. @ mugen, thank you and my pleasure seeing your blog...

    @ Suz, i will do my best. And thank you...

    @ Rick, i know. My mother on my brother's funeral service only have this lines. It was difficult to bury my husband, but there is no word to decribe how painful and difficult it is to bury my son. My father and brother are Gabriel Sr. & Jr.

    @ Sandra, thank you!

  6. i'm sorry for your boss' loss.

  7. @ Sean, thank you. being with them for a year now, i feel like i lost a brother too.


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