Friday, September 2, 2011

Guess my age...

That is usually my line when somebody i just knew would ask for my age. Modesty aside, my high school teachers and classmates would always ask me, what do i use or what is my beauty regimen why i was able to keep me looking young and seems like, i still look the way i was during high school.

Well, i really dont have any. I make sure to wash my face before and after sleeping. I cant say i eat healthy food for i love sweets and i drink beer. I love walking when going to the grocery. Ill take every chance to dance as my form of exercise.

But i know looking young is not and being young is not forever and not for long. Recently, i just talked with my friend and this is very sad esp for gay people. When you are young, you dont even need to chase someone because they are after you. But when your old, huh! if you are not going to make the first move, they wont care. And sometimes, even when you make the first move, you will be the last choice. LOL!

That is why, i learned this from him, before i hear the worst lines and devastating lines like, jus to make you feel okay do what you wanna do so we can finish this, whatever it is, i need to make a good connection to whoever he will be. Hahaha... It is hard that when you are no longer young and hot, there is nobody there for you. And the worst case is, if you dont have the money and you cannot afford to treat these good or nice guys, you will be alone. That is frustrating.

I dont want that to happen to me. Hope not. I always keep my life simple and less complicated. Happy with the person i am with. And hopefully everyone will be. I already told this before, exclusivity and monogany is my game. Hope everyone can be...

There will be more frustrations if at our age we will notmlearn our lesson. Youth is no longer there. No time to waste...

Does this sound like a lettr someone. Hahaha...

Will edit tomorrow... LOL!

So before my face and skin would show my true age, i have to make a connection. Hahaha...


  1. LOL I guess you're in your 50s still.

  2. Alas, youth is fleeting is it not? =) I wonder if it affects gay people more than heterosexuals; the desire to look beautiful forever.

    Teka Jj, you said, I remind you of him. Who is the him you were referring to? I was just wondering.

    I hope Canada is treating you well. Cheers =)



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