Tuesday, September 13, 2011

online dating... MY DREAMS! MY PLAN!

I was actually happy that finally a friend of mine who hates "social media". wrong statement i must rather say, he does not believe in social media such as "Facebook!" but recently, I can say he is finally into it. yehey!

Two or three weeks ago I have received a note saying that he is already a friend of a friend on facebook.. yehey! and yesterday morning he clicked "like" to a friends' facebook page... yehey!... 

And soon he will find out what are my post through common friends page, for sure. And I hope that it won't stop him from facebook - ing... hehehe! I am just kidding. 

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this today post. I am just excited to share that... hihihi...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I recently went to appear on the Halton Police District because I was requested to have a Police Clearance as part of my requirements for volunteering. Apparently, two persons of the same name as mine are convicted on some whatever case. So I need to go there and appear personally and have my finger prints taken. 

As I always do, I make sure that I am way ahead of time because I don't want to be late and I always dress up nicely to look presentable especially on job interviews. And I don't want to mess up my get-up and my hair being so tired and sweating. And I want them to smell my perfume and not my armpit odor. hahaha!...  Training that I got from my late grandparents who are government officials. And my own training as a student leader. But this time I was 2.5 hours early. Anyway, I love being there because I love men in uniform! Chozs! hehehe...

And suddenly my name was called and I acknowledge that probably the lady who wants to see me decided to interview and have my fingerprints done early. That's good to me. At least I can be home early especially it is still two buses and a train to home. 

She was nice and very friendly. And since we have so much time, she started asking me, why I want to volunteer. She even said here everybody been asking for days off from work to have some rest, while on the other hand you are still going to use your days off to volunteer; especially knowing that this is an unpaid job. I told her that, my first american boyfriend is neglecting me and now broke-up with me and too much idle time is killing me so to keep myself busy, I would rather volunteer.... CHOZS! Hahaha!... that's not true... I did not say that!..

Told her that, having too much idle time is making me feel home sick. And Being new in the place, I cannot avoid the feeling that I don't belong. So I just thought that probably joining a group or an organization would give me the chance to interact with people. In that way, I am helping them and they in return is giving me the comfort that there are people around me. And that "I belong!" 

And on and on we chatted. 

And I was actually not expecting that she would say this... "Have you tried this speed dating?" with an arch brows, I replied, Speed dating? What is it? And she explained to me, that when she moved from Michigan to Canada, she wasn't spared from loneliness and feeling "I don't belong". and then a co-worker told her about speed dating. So she tried it. 

Speed Dating is a website where you will apply and post your profile. That's not new to me. I have all the my profile on all the websites that we all knew. She told me she hasn't found a boyfriend yet but with the constant get together that she attends, she is starting to build-up friends. So I said, ok I will try it. We even exchanged telephone numbers. Maybe she was thinking that she will see me in one of the gatherings. Well?... For sure not for we are looking for the same specie. hahaha!... Besides, I don't wanna mess up with a lady in uniform. 

So by the very minute I arrived home I opened my laptop and put on my profile... just joking! that's an exaggeration... hahaha... I waited until night time. when all the work is done. 

Funny that when I logged in, the only party that I could hopefully join is, I am overaged. My gosh! they are looking for a maximum age of 39. Am I too old? I'm just 2 years more than that. That's disappointing. Chozs! I better be hurrying before I knew it I am 3, 4, 5 or even 17 years above it. And I can never be eligible for any search for a bf party anymore.... (Come on my friend! I am just joking don't be angry again and text me that 2 letters again!)

So I ended browsing the net searching for some dating websites. Anyway, the lady police had already sold me to the idea. So better keep going. And alas! I found one website that is being advertised. So go on JJ... go for it! Cost me $25 on my visa card. hahaha!... Is this how it is... When I got my first American boyfriend, it cost me nothing. Just to look cute and that's it. But cost me my heart at the end. Hahaha!...

So off I logged out...

This morning, I got a call from an unknown number... Oh my! who is this I said to myself? you know here in Canada where outgoing and incoming calls cost you money, I just don't answer all the calls. And after two missed calls, I recieved a text message saying, this is so and so, also a member of the this website. So I texted back. "Ow now I know.. what's up?" he told me, he saw my profile and my picture on the website and he is interested of meeting me. But there are some questions that he wanna ask me. I said yeah sure... Oh My! interview again... hehehe...

So, on and on we talked and he was quite nice in asking me questions, which some are for me a bit personal and told him I'm not comfortable answering it and he would say, it's alright. I even gave him my blog, telling him you will see there my profile and how I murder people, how I cheat on them, how I poison them and so on and so forth. and he suddenly paused. and I asked, "are you still there?" 

He answered, "yes! I am reading your blog. You are a very sensitive and romantic guy. and I love it" For sure my friend will not agree on that. hahaha!... come on give me a break!.. So he arranged a meeting on Saturday. He even told me if I want to bring a friend so I'll feel comfortable just let him know so he can also bring someone with him. As you know three is a crowd. Besides, I hate threesome. I am a one on one guy... hahaha... Oh my friend! I am just kidding... please?..

So I will be dating a 45yo guy. Employed, single never married. Very good looking. Is he gonna like me? ah! I don't know. Anyways, I'll give it a shot... 

There you go another victim!... har har har...

By the way, the best question that he threw on me was... "What is happiness to you and what can make you happy?" I was caught unaware of that question. Anyway, I am an extemporaneous speaker since freshman high so on I go with my answer.

HAPPINESS FOR ME IS KNOWING THAT I HAVE DREAMS AND I AM WORKING TOWARDS THEM. BUT FOR NOW, I AM FINDING HAPPINESS TO WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT I CAN AFFORD.  Making life complicated and hitting the moon is very devastating. The first one would make you feel miserable and the second one will give you a lot of frustrations for it will never happen. 

Happiness with me, means being with someone I love in a place that we can enjoy the time together. It does not need to be in a cozy cottage or hotel in the Bahamas. Or a night spending every penny and dime on a casino in Las Vegas. It can be just a spot in a free public park, or on the lake, or even just on a backyard. Happiness for me is giving and receiving a $10 shirt from a sale if that is what we can afford. Happiness for me is knowing that there is somebody to go home with. Cook a decent meal, having water if we cannot afford wine. 

Happiness for me is living in an apartment if that could mean "HOME" for us. What is a house when there is no one there for you. Happiness is receiving a text message saying, good morning/afternoon/evening! with take care and i love you at the end. That's happiness for me. Or seeing/reading my blog first before somebody else's... hehehe...

Truth about all of this is... not big houses, fancy cars, lots of money or being popular can make me happy. I just want to have somebody to share life and enjoy it while we are young. So when we are old, we will have lots of memories to talk about and laugh about while sitting on the yard having coffee in the morning or having wine at night. How can you be happy together if you can no longer walk, talk or hear each other...

At my age now, I don't dream of being big anymore. I have already figured out what I wanna have to make my  life happy until the time that I can no longer walk. Money can't do anything about happiness. I just saw that recently with what happened to my boss' family. 

My salary now can be considered by the few as NOT a salary at all. With the standard of living that people not only in the western countries but even in a developing country have done, the money that comes in my wallet is for sure not money at all. But you know what, I do my own standard of living that is attainable.

HAKUNA MATATA! that's how I want it...

Half of my salary goes to to my savings and half of it is for fun. Since I started very young, 13yo. I want to stopped if I can afford it by 55 or at most 60yo. So help me God!.. a kilo of rice in the Philippines is $1.50 and a kilo of fish is $3.00 and meat $3.00 ...veges? no need to buy; by then I can plant my own... so if one day I am lucky to find someone who wants to share his life with me, how much do I need, again I NEED to save for the two of us to live a good life from 55 -  80... 25 years with let's say $4/day = $36.600... if I am 41 now, retiring at 55, gives me 14 years to save. (excluding what I have saved already) then, how much do I need to save every year = $2,607.00. This amount is very reasonable for me. With half of my salary as savings I can save the money I need in less than the 14 years as I have calculated. 

Now, the only problem I have is to build a home in a small property that I have inherited from my parents. and with the money I have now, I know I can do it. It would cost me around $35,000 to build a decent 3 bedroom house. what is that compare to how house here costs. And given a choice of either having a house near the beach or near the river, isn't it awesome!...

And If I am lucky enough, that the partner I can get, can also save the same amount of money, then we can retire at 55 and live a simple happy life back home in the Philippines, his savings is our buffer fund. That's how simple I have visualized and planned my life. I have my insurances paid. I have all my pension plan paid. So what else do I need to worry. TO FIND THAT SOMEONE WHO COULD BE AS SIMPLE AS I AM. AND WHO CAN COMMIT TO ME LIKE I WANT TO COMMIT TO HIM. AND I KNOW, THAT IS THE HARDEST THING... AND THAT IS THE CHALLENGE THAT I AM FACING NOW. 

For now, my goal is on or before my age of 55 or 60 is to save enough to have a business either here or back home that can afford to pay for a small apartment, a round trip ticket to escape from the cold season. Who needs the snow anyway when you are already old and with arthritis.

To this I will end by saying,
I am JJ Rodriguez,
cute at my age of 41 (LOL!).
I belong to a very big
but lovely and funny family
with occasional disagreements
which is normal to families,
and with very simple dreams.
Hoping to find and praying to find
someone who is up for the challenge
of making life simple and
who can commit to a relationship
with honesty and exclusivity, as I am.
Looks? I am not looking for a trophy partner
just be presentable. looks fade anyway... 


* * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




  1. Hey JJ, I've been married so long I wouldn't know where to begin to try and find a mate.
    I do like your goal of retiring by 55. I managed to retire from my day job when I wad 59. Now I do things I enjoy doing. Good luck

  2. Pare JJ,
    You have your plans worked out. Now to work your plans and realize all that you aspire for. Good luck!


  3. you are such a good man
    I will pray for you Jj
    that this person comes into your life

  4. Best of luck, Jj! May all your dreams come true.

  5. sounds like you know what you want, and you know how to get it...bravo friend :)

    so cute

  6. Jj...I just bigified your photo....ha! is that you striking a pose with the sculpture? Fabulous...clever

  7. @ Rick aka Life 101, I will try my best to focus on it and work it out.

    @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, that's how I want things to be, simple plans and very realistic.

    @ Sister Suz, thank you for the prayers. And for liking my pictures on this post. hahaha...

    @ Vicki Lane, thank you maam!

    @ Lena, thank you!

    @ David Allen Waters, Thank you very much!

    Your wonderful comments and kind words are very much appreciated. God bless!

  8. JJ ~ You are very cute! Thank you for your comments on my blog and happiness be yours overflowing!


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